Bride Wedding Toasts – Here Toasts The Bride

Bride wedding toasts are an integral part of virtually every wedding ceremony.  The bride is both the hostess and the guest of honor at her own nuptials, and everyone present wants to hear what she has to say.

And while most toasts are brief, casual gestures, made at cocktail parties and business dinners, bride wedding toasts hold a major significance all their own.  This is the bride’s chance to pay divine tribute to the man of her heart, and she wants to choose her words carefully.

When a bride toasts her new husband, she seeks to express her deep love and affection for this special man.  She sings his praises to everyone present, likely mentioning all of the traits—his wit, his wisdom, his strength, his drop dead cuteness—that endear him to her.  She wants the world to know that she has found the ultimate man, and just how pleased she is to be joining with him today.

Also in her bride  toast, she wants to acknowledge the friends and family members who convene that day to honor the happy couple.  She will raise her glass to her parents and grandparents, her siblings and friends, and of course her maid of honor.  She will honor the family of her new husband, toasting his family, friends, as well as his best man and his other attendants.  The bride wants to act the role of the perfect hostess, honoring those who love and treasure her.

It’s important to mention, though, that  bride wedding toasts are far more than a laundry list of names.  It’s an opportunity for the bride to show off her keen wit and sublime sense of humor.  Much like the bubbles that float in her champagne glass, the bride wedding toast should be light, fun and frothy; capturing the audience’s attention and endearing her even more to her audience.

Ultimately, the wedding toast should be a short but meaningful speech that captures both the fun and the sublime sentiment of any wedding occasion.

If you’re looking for some stellar examples of wedding toasts, a quality Internet resource offers the polished wedding speech samples and handy suggestions you need to write the best toast possible.  This one-step resource will be as useful to you as a bridal guide or magazine, and is even easier to use.  Check here for more details.


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