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Wedding Speeches

Given the opportunity by my son to make a speech for his wedding allowed me the moment to express all my memories and mostly my emotions in words I could have not imagined if not for your help.

My honest objective to giving a good speech was not to for my own gain but to make sure that I spoke with dignity putting value to the most important event for my son.

The feedback from my speech was beyond words when I realized that my speech moved  every single guest to tears while entertaining them as well with my some humour.

Your book gave me solution to my fear or doubts in putting my thoughts together. This was the best investment I have made, based on the praises I got from everyone, to the point of hearing comments from some guests saying, “My mom made a speech and it was nothing near like yours”.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts out there and I know that the feedback such as this is the most rewarding accomplishment for you. You certainly have made a difference to someone’s life., mine.

All the best and I’ll pass the word to those in need of help.

Take care,

Anita S.Alfonso

Thank you so much your book was very helpful. My daughter was married on the 8th of April and I composed my speech from your examples.

I found them very helpful for a mother of the bride on her own I will certainly recommend your book to my friends.

Yours faithfully

Mary L Grabham
NSW 2261

I must say the wedding was amazing and my speech was a success.  We had 410 guests at the wedding, many in tears and endless compliments on my mother of the bride speech.

I could not have done it with out your help.  I was able to cover all I wanted to say.

Dancing the night away I felt as though I was an Oscar winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and truly I was.

Thanks to You!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vera Vranjes

I am an attorney who has been speaking, publically and privately, for many, many years.

My oldest son recently was married and, despite my best efforts, I didn’t quite know what was appropriate to say (at the Rehearsal Dinner and Reception) from a Dad’s perspective.

Your materials helped me a great deal.  More than anything, they gave me a little conceptual checklist that allowed me to proceed without worry that I was forgetting something critical.

I can also see how the templates could be very useful.  I wanted to make my message(s) very personal – – and I also learned that it was fine not to be overly formal.

All in all – except for some emotions that were hard to control – everything went very well.  You have a very good book!

Kindest Regards,

Wes (and Donna) Hoffman
Menominee, Michigan

Dear Belinda Hamilton, You are Special!

No words can express my appreciation for the wedding speech!  I will get the video and the pictures in a couple month.

If You have a book with any speeches for any occassions , can you PLEASE mail it to my home adress.

Thank you very much.

Luba Losik
MD 21209

Great investment!

All I needed was to add a few topics to the speech. I had no less than 20 people come to me during and after  saying that was a great sppeech.

Even my ex mother in law congratulated me after that it was a great speech and I shocked her as she did not think a I could deliver a great speech.


Ross J Kalinowsky
WA 6105

I must admit…I was hesitant to purchase your Wedding Speech pack online, but my husband convinced me and I am so glad I did!

I have an overwhelming fear of public speaking and when I was asked to give a MOH toast at my best friend’s wedding, I knew it would make it hard for me to have a good time at the event.

The bride is a public speaker by profession and gave a fantastic speech at my wedding so the pressure was on.

Once I downloaded your samples, I was able to see a pattern/format that would work for me and help me to create an interesting toast that was the right length.

The results were outstanding…people laughed, cried and I received many compliments on the toast.  I am thankful that my husband talked me into a well spent $19.95.:)

Thank you,

Maureen Boisvert
VA 23225

I found out the Wedding Speech Pack is very useful. I use the cut and paste method of writing my own speech.

It gives me a lot of good examples that I never thought of. I follow the format and complete my speech.

It saves me a lot of headache to just write my own from scratch.



William T Li

It went very well.  I was able to use parts of several speeches and customize them slightly to fit my purposes.

It also gave me the start I needed and allowed me then to personalize the speech.

Audience provided many comments as to the thoughtful words and sentiment.


Murray Foster

I’m more than pleased to provide positive feedback on the Wedding Speech eBook, that I purchased from you a few weeks ago.

Until I purchased and downloaded the book, I had already spent countless hours searching for insperation on the internet, and other sources, without much success.

The book was well structured, and many useful examples and templates that were each to modify and combined to personnalize.

I was able to create a unique and personal Toast and Welcome to the Groom.

Thanks again.  It was well worth the very reasonable cost.

Wade Carlson

Wedding Speeches


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