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Telling you that the info from your book and the demonstration speeches helped me, would be a huge understatement.

I used the material you provided to make a “Father of the Groom” speech, there were some very different examples in the sample speeches and I used a little bit of several.

The phrase I gleaned from one of the samples which I used as the theme for my speech was “watching a son’s relationship with his mother through a window”

Using this, I was able to add all kinds of anecdotes. My speech was well received and I felt pretty good at being able to do something different.

After the reception the wedding celebrant came up to me and said “in all the years I have been doing this, that was the best I’ve heard”

So John, thank you very much for providing me with the material to inspire me to present such a tribute to my son.


John Gray
VIC 3159


I’m a bit late getting back to you, I know, so I’ll keep this brief.

While I am comfortable speaking in front of large groups in my professional career, I had tremendous anxiety over giving my ‘Father of the Bride’ speech.

Your guidelines, tips and examples both validated some of my thoughts and definitely expanded the key items I should cover and incorporate into my delivery. At first, it added pressure, but in the end it clarified everything for me.

As every dad who has gone through this will attest, this was by far the most emotional day of my life.

I used your materials to first outline and then write an EIGHT PAGE speech. I knew I had to crystalize it and spent the final 3 weeks prior to the wedding day doing just that.

Honestly, I NEVER felt totally ready and I did angst right up to the moment the mic was handed to me. At that point all the prep and practice took over and I delivered.

Let me share this… “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!”. I had folks coming up to me all night saying what a wonderful speech and wonderful dad I was.

I even had two of my daughters’ friends in the wedding party who are planning their weddings in the next 6-8 months come up to me and say how moved they were, and that they wish I could come and speak at their weddings!

Sadly though, there were also one new bride who said she had wished her dad had been so thoughtful and as loving as I was with the remarks, memories, occasional joke and comments I made.

Even a few of the event and catering staff ( females ) were moved to seek me out and commend me with tearful eyes still.

I can honestly say that I (with your help) left a memorable impression on the entire audience and created a memorable moment in a memorable occasion.

Imagine many people coming up to say ” that was the most
beautiful and moving wedding speech that they have ever heard”. I was truly on cloud nine.

So John, thank you. I only had one shot at this and by all accounts, it was FANTASTIC! I have already recommended your material to others and will have no hesitancy to do so in the future.

Best regards,

Peter Errico
CA 95658


Your wedding speech pack was very valuable to me.  The variety of speech examples made me realize I could express myself how I wanted without sounding like I was a transplant from Marin Co., Calf.

My daughter and my wife were both proud of me and many of our guests specifically complimented on my speech.  Thank you,

Mark Brandsted

Firstly I think purchasing your book on speeches was a lifesaver.  On our son’s wedding day  I was nervous as all hell leading up to my speaking moment.

Well, I’ll tell you that the applause I got when they announced me for my speech as well as during the speech was very encouraging and certainly put me at ease.

The congratulations I received afterwards from different guests was truly amazing, everyone said how good I spoke and what a fantastic speech it was, I can only say again how much your choice of speeches saved me.

I would definitely recommend anyone else who wasn’t sure about making a speech to purchase your book.

Yours faithfully,

David Soames
NSW 2220


Reading your speech pack helped me so much in writing the speech for my son’s wedding. It was a hit! Everyone loved it. I got a few laughs and a few tears. My son and daughter in love, ( as I call her) though it was great. My son was very proud of me. And no one had to edit it for me.

It was well worth the time to read it and worth every penny. I had sat for days trying to figure out what to say and how to say it, after looking though the speech it all came together, and it only told about an hour or so to write it.

Thank you very much for your help.

Shellie Farbish
FL 33133

I purchased your Wedding Speech pack because I was uncertain about where to start with my ‘Mother of the Bride’ speech for my daughter’s wedding day. All I knew was that I wanted to make a positive impact and tribute to my daughter on her wedding day.

I would like to say how very grateful I am that I found your ‘Wedding Speech Pack’ online. Your ‘Wedding Speech Pack’ went over all the things that I needed to take into consideration for creating my own ‘Mother of the Bride’ speech and for paying a memorable tribute to my daughter on the most exciting day of her life, her wedding day.

With your generous examples and guidelines included in your ‘Wedding Pack’ I was able to construct my own ‘Mother of the Bride’ speech and deliver it with confidence. Our family and friends approached me afterwards to say what a beautiful speech it was and my partner said he saw many of our wedding guests become emotional with tears while I was reading my ‘Mother of the Bride’ speech.

Belinda, I couldn’t have asked for anything more from your ‘Wedding Speech Pack’, my daughters happiness on her wedding day was of the utmost importance to me and with your help this was the most wonderful day.

Thank you so much.

Warmest and kindest regards,

Julie Whyte
VIC 3136

This is Jenni, Joe’s wife. I was the one who purchased the Wedding Speech Pack as my husband (The Father of the Groom) was just (horror of horror’s) just going to “wing it” on the day.

Not being the most articulate of public speakers at the best of times I thought that this was a recipe for disaster so I took it upon myself to be his script writer.

Your Wedding Pack was an absolute godsend. As my husband is a man of few words, I chose several of the short speeches and easily adaped them to our situation. I got out the highlighter and just highlighted the appropriate bits and then put them together in a speech that lasted about 10 minutes.

The result was a short but entertaining, funny, but poignant speech that drew a round of applause and much laughter. Joe got so many congratulations about the speech. (We kept the secret)

Unfortunately the Brides father was not lucky enought to have found your wedding pack. His speech went for over half an hour and almost sent the entire room into a coma. (Even his wife was muttering “Oh shut up for God’s sake!)

Once again – thank you – I would recommend your Wedding speeches (and have done) to any prospective fathers of the Bride and Groom.

Jenni Cross
Mt Evelyn, Victoria

I was asked by my father to help him write a speech as he was father of the groom and also best man at my brothers recent wedding. He suffers with anxiety and was so scared about speaking in public. I was lost until i found your site and got to work picking bits of the speeches that i thought were appropriate to us and also adding some personal touches.

My dad did manage to read the speech and it was perfect.  He was complimented several  times during the day on his speech and my dad’s brothers and sisters told him that their late mother and father would have been so proud of him for such a meaningful speech about his beloved son.

I included some humour which went down well such as marriage advice as our parents have been married a long time almost 50 years like always comliment your wife on her cooking …even if it is awful…that got a good laugh but when my dad told my brother that he was proud of the man he had grown into and that he was his best friend there were a few tears.

The speech was a success and im sure I could send you a copy of our final personal result if you wished.

Thanks again

Julie Swoboda

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