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Wedding Speeches

I was lucky that the MC forgot the sequence of events and my speech was not required.

However the speech was in place and I was ready to perform, I must
admit that I was pleased to be overlooked as some of the other speeches were over long and rambling.

This was not the case for my speech. Your speeches gave me plenty of ideas and different types of layouts.

Thank you.

Roelof Methorst
Gleeb Point

I really appreciated the wedding speech pack because it provided me with a variety of approaches to write and deliver a Father of the Groom speech.

The pack assisted me my speech considerations toward my son, new daughter-in-law and her parents and gave me confidence in delivering the speech on the day..which I found to be an emotional time.

Thank you so much for the great help, regards

Mark Kleemann
SA 5355

I could not have made such an eloquent speech without the assistance of your site.  I pieced together some of the speech examples that you gave and added some of my own things that applied to the bride and groom.

I have attached my speech for you to see for yourself.

Thanks again.

Maryann Scherrer
WA 98012

I found this information extremely helpful and the speeches very relevant.

I was able to use excerpts from different speeches to relate to the one I had to make and received many congratulations afterwards and one person even asked for a copy as their daughter was being married in a further four weeks.

All remarked on how personal and from the heart I sounded and I have you to thank for giving me the basis from which to work.

Many thanks

Cheryl Powell
VIC 3038

Wedding is still a month away, So far from what I have seen, I feel very confident that I will be able to prepare a beautiful speech for my daughter’s special day of her life.


Terry Klepak

Purchasing the Wedding Speech Pack was one of the best things I have done. I have followed the structure and feel it will be extremely beneficial for me come the BIG day on 11th July.

Regarding the sample speeches these were interesting, however I am of the opinion that a really great speech must come from the heart, but there were a few lines that I will actually use.

I will drop you a line after the wedding and let you know how it went.

Thanks again.

Peter McShane

I printed off about 6 of the speeches that kind of felt like they came close to what I wanted to say.

I am the father of the groom and my son, the groom, his brother, the best man and I, the father of the groom, lost my wife, their mother to cancer three and half years ago.

They, my son’s finance, and my self spent 7 wonderful weeks at my wife’s bed side before she passed away here in my home.

I want to speak briefly as to how much my wife loved my sons wife to be and knew years before they were engaged that they would marry.  As well I will share 1-2 childhood stories for a bit of humour.

In my speech I touch on how I knew the bride and her parents,(elementary school Principal)  long before my son met her.  I wanted all to know that right from the very first meeting at school I was impressed with her and her parents.

I have my speech all  written and plan on practicing many times before delivery.

Thank you for the helpful hints.

Fraser East

I only had a quick read through some of the speeches and very impressed with what I read.

My wife’s nephew’s wedding will be in November this year so there’s still time to write something down but yeah very happy with your Speech Pack.

Thanks for your email.

Malofou Sone
VIC 3011

I’ve have read through the entire book of mother of the bride speeches, twice and probably read again.

My daughters wedding isn’t until September 2011. I’m can be a very nervous person when it comes to even thinking about standing in front of people and making a speech. That is why I’m giving myself lots of time to prepare.

I loved the book I laughed , I cried a lot, and I put myself into many of those speeches and could relate them to my daughter.

I have found the speech I’m going to use and just tweak a little. I’m so pleased that I found you on line,because I may never have given myself this opportunity to speak at my daughters  wedding.

I may even speak at their engagement party that we are having for them this September.

So thank-you for making my life just a little easier.

Brenda Frost

All good, didn’t need a lot of help but it certainly helped me round out the speach and gave me a couple of extra ideas!

Many Thanks.

Phillip Nott
NSW 2590

Just wanted you to know that my purchase of your Best Mother Of the Bride Speeches was well spent.

My speech went over very well and everyone was impressed.


Janenne Bonacchi
WA 6027

Wedding Speeches


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