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Your Wedding Speech Pack is excellent.  I am in the midst of preparing my Father of the Bride speech for my daughter’s wedding on October 9th.

Once I am finished writing the speech which will be very soon, I will send you a copy.  Couldn’t have prepared such a wonderful send off for my daughter and her new beau without your packet.


Andrew Pomo
CA 93908

I found the Best Mother of the Bride Speeches very helpful and money worth spending.

I was able to take a paragraph from a few of the speeches and modify them a littleto reflect my daughter and the way we speak (not flowery).

My son in law is also Hearing Impaired and at the end of the speech I welcomed him to our family using Sign Language which I practiced for weeks.  His family and friends who are Hearing Impaired were very impressed that I had taken the time to do this.

The few little puns I added were a hit,  I heard people laughing.

The best laughter I got was at the beginning when I walked over to her table and lifted the table cloth and looking under the table,  then turned to the crowd and said “CRIKEY’ She’s wearin a DRESS!!.

Everyone who knows my daughter knows she never wears dresses….

That was my tension breaker….

I have attached my speech.

Thankyou very much for your help.

Janenne Bonacchi
WA 6027


Using your material helped me to create a nice speech of my own. It was funny and  sensitive. My son was surprised.  Thank you.

Diana Chin
NY 10304

The speech was a success and our daughter was quite moved.

Though I was worried at first after reading your examples, and understanding how they could work for our situation I wrote out the speech, studied it, and used 3X5 cards as a cue.

When the moment came I felt prepared and spoke with confidence. Our daughter and our guests felt our love and enjoyment of one another.

Thank you.

Robert J. Ritz
CA 92106

The speech pack was a help. I read through all of them and picked all the bits I felt were ‘me’ and also ones that I could adapt for my daughters’s story.

Even though I didn’t use all the ideas outlined in the various examples, these stimulated memories of times that would be signifcant to us.

I’m glad I invested in this as it got me started, thanks.

Cheryl Jenkins
William Street

I can offer the following feedback in regard to your Wedding Speech Pack.

The Wedding Speech Pack is exceptional value for money, particularly when you are looking for ideas on how to lay out a humorous “Father of the Groom” speech.

When I gave my recent wedding speech, I was able to convey exactly what I wanted to say, in the manner I wanted to say it.

Thank you for your help and ideas.

Vincent Michael
ACT 2607

Thanks John

My speech was outstanding!

Richard J Nykiel
MI 48183

I am enjoying the book very much  I am the grandmother of the bride.

The wedding will be in Perth Australia on Jan. 9,2011. I tried to find speeches for grandmothers  because my daughter died in a collision, on her way to work, on Oct. 22, 2007, and I was asked if I would be comfortable saying a few words.

It will be a very emotional day, and I would not like to cause saddness to the occation. I could not get any response about grandmothers speeches.

I think after spending many hours already reading your letters I am sure I will be able to come up with something light and touching.

It will be a day for the bride and groom, it will be their moment to treasure forever, and her mother and debby had a very loving and caring relatonship.

Therefore I am trying very hard to bring the fun and wonderful memories we have.  Thank you. sncerily.

Rose B Bora

I am the mother of the groom, and your package was very helpful. Of course I modelled my speech on your examples.

My speech was well received (so I was told).

Everything was just perfect!

Thank you

Sonia Savoulian
NSW 2770

Your speeches gave me great inspiration and were a great help. I tended to use bits and pieces of several drafts.

The advise relating to do and dont was useful.

I incorporated a slide show along with my speech and it went down a treat. Thanks for everything, most helpful.

Harry Baker

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