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Wedding Speeches

The book and materials saved me many hours of “thinking” and researching.

The speeches were unique, and allowed me to tailor one very quickly. And, the live event went extremely well!

Glad I found you!

David A Thomas
GA 30350

I used several ideas from you Father-of-the-Groom Speech packet and it went over exceptionally well.  For your interest, here is what I put together and with ad-libs during the presentation was well received.

My focus was on speaking directly to key members of the wedding party – my son (the groom), my soon to be daughter-in-law, her step-father and extended family, my immediate family, and finally, the other guests present.  Thanks for getting me “off the X.”

CW Powell
MO 65810

Thank you for your help with my speech at my son’s rehearsal dinner and a few short words at the wedding reception.

I was very frustrated trying to come up with something to say to both my son and his fiance.

The bride just lost her father 8 weeks before the wedding and my husband died 8 years before.  I felt it was up to me to say something meaningful to them both.

Pulling bits and pieces from some of your letters was the perfect solution as it made it so much easier to tie it all together.

Using your phrasing, ” I am sorry that Chip and Fred cannot be here today as traditionally it would be them standing here giving this speech.  Both of your fathers would be so very proud of you today and if they were here, they  would want you to know how much they love you both and would say to you…

I welcomed the bride’s family to ours and praised the bride’s mother and father for raising such an incredible daughter.

Then I ended the emotional part with : Thomas, please take Lindsey’s hand and place your hand over hers.  Now, remember this moment and cherish it… because this will be the last time you’ll ever have the UPPER Hand.

The audience all laughed after a tearful beginning and I got the biggest applause and hug from my new daughter in law and a tearful hug from my son who said he was so proud.  Also the bride’s mom was so grateful to me for giving a speech as she was just too emotional at the event.

Thank you again Belinda for helping make an already treasured moment extra special.  I never could have done it without you and your beautiful written words.  You made it special!

Linda S. Wood
CA 92662

Read all the speaches didnt care much for any of them untill i got to number 28 and it was exactly what I wanted to say.

I loved it.  Som did evaery one at the wedding at laest 30 guests came and comented. One said I could sell it as sandard father of the bride speach.

Thanks for a great speach!

Emmanuel Bekiaris
NSW 2030

Thanks so much for your wonderful program! Wedding at 1730hrs today, just finished under the wire. Attached our cobbled together speech… fantastic!!


Gary and Annie Wilson…….no relation!

Gary Wilson
VIC 3186

The book is very useful and I am very happy.Thank You is superb.The audience response was superb,sumptuous.

Thank You very much!

Zbigniew Golaszewski
NSW 2745

After reading some of the speeches it gave me a good idea of how to write my speech.

Thank you for your help.

Stephen J Asante
NSW 2760

Your Father of the Groom document was a tremendous help in pointing out the general expectations of that speech.

It also provided several ideas to include in my speech at a time when I was clueless where to begin.  It was of great value.
Many thanks!

G J Verschoor

Belinda, I absoulutely loved the pack I got from you. I haven’t used the speech yet as my son’s wedding is 6 months away, but it is already written and waiting!!!

Your pack gave my some great ideas and I used pieces out of several of them to make a speech that suited what I was looking for.

Most of the speeches brought a tear to my eye and I was quite emotional when writing my speech as they are so heartfelt and really capture the love between a mum and her precious son!!

Thanks Belinda.

P.s. I have always been a bit scared purchasing things over the net, but your service was unbelievable.

Jayne Allemand
VIC 3644

I would like to thank you for your wedding speech pack, it was an amazing help to me.

My husband was dreading making the father of the bride speech, but I just highlighted bits and pieces from all the speeches in the pack until we had an appropriate speech for him.

It was very easy once we had samples of other speeches to help personalise his speech to suit him.  I was very happy to find a good variety of speeches to choose from and I am sure that even the most nervous of speakers would feel confident to be able to stand up in front of family and friends without embarrassing themselves.

Thank you once again for helping to make a nervous experience into a memorable one.

Kind regards.

Karen O’Shea
QLD 4811

Wedding Speeches


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