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Thanks for your mail.  I thought the speech pack was very useful and I certainly do not regret buying it.  What it did was help me to understand what I had to talk about and it gave me some ideas about what I could and could not say.

I did not use the pre-written stuff as I did not think it would work for me and being a Scot whose son was getting married in Australia I was not sure what was expected!  They do things a bit different down there and I was surprised to be asked to speak at all as it is unusual for the father of the groom to be allowed to talk here in the UK!

I am very happy to endorse your speech pack as it brings together a lot of ideas for not a lot of money.  I am not sure this helps!  I printed off all the stuff you sent me and took it with me to read and finalise the speech before the wedding.  I would not have done that if I did not think it was valuable.

Best regards

Michael Mcguire


Yes thank you we got many laughs as well as tears so many guests came up to me and had high praises thank you so very much


Garry Barling
NSW 2528

I found the pack very useful. I read all the speeches and then to took bits
and pieces and formed an outline of what ended up an original speech.

Without the pack I would have been swimming for structure.


Graeme Sampson
WA 6020

Yes, I did deliver the speech which I compiled from several speeches that you sent me and was absolutely great.

Some people even told me a week or two later when I ran into them that they liked my speech.

I’ll let you know after I deliver the speech but people who read it liked it immensely.

I think it was worth investment and hope you publish speeches for all occasions such as retirement, birthday , obituary, graduation etc etc.


Bharat Joshi
CA 91711

I have found your “Wedding Speech Pack” very useful in helping prepare my speech-toast for the upcoming wedding of my son on Aug 7.  I will let you know how it goes after the event (rehearsal dinner) but some of your phrases really helped me put together a talk appropriate to the occasion.

My wife thinks the little speech is very smooth, endearing and appropriate and I am looking forward to deliver it.

Thanks for putting together such a package for us verbally challenged technical types and stay tuned for more feedback.

Tom Raudorf
Oak Ridge Tennessee

The rehearsal dinner speech was a smash hit!!!!   In fact one disbelieving type said they were going to “Google” it because it was so good.  I don’t have any anxiety problem with public speaking as long as I know the material inside out.

And that was the hard part, to commit the words to memory and have them sound like they were coming out from the top of my head.  I spend hours memorizing and practicing the speech beforehand to make it my own.  That is the effort one must make to deliver a good speech anyway and it was worth it.

I used select paragraphs and phrases from the Wedding Speech Pack and did what you advised by putting in some personal anecdotes and memories weaving them into the body of the speech.  That way I really did make the speech my own.  One thing that I changed that the audience really loved was to replace the phrase in a template:

“First, you must always remember a vital, basic fact that will serve to sustain the happiness and sanctity of your marriage. And it is, now listen closely Son: She’s Always. Right. (Pause for laughter) And I mean about everything.”

With:  …now listen closely son  we’ve all heard this old Southern saying before and (groom) will do well to heed it from this moment on. It is: “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”!

Thanks again for putting together the “Wedding Speech Pack.  It was a huge help in putting together a speech that our wedding guests are still talking about and worth every cent I paid for it. Keep up the good work.

Tom Raudorf
Oak Ridge Tennessee

Thank you so much for the Wedding Speech Pack! My speech was a tremendous success!!!

All I did was read through your sample speeches and templates, and wrote my speech from the ideas I got on how to prepare it. I really practiced and had my husband videotape me until I was satisfied.

I spoke just naturally without cue cards because I’ve practically memorized every word. After my speech,even days after the event, people really congratulated me and asked what I did to make such a very memorable and beautiful speech.

I never had this success in all my life with regards to public speaking. Again, thank you so much and more power to you

Venancia Isla
TX 77489


This was the best investment I made for this wedding. Your Wedding Speech Pack helped me write an amazing speech.

I took different parts from the many speeches in the package and made my own. It helped me with the format and made it very organized so that I wasnt repeating it.

I got a lot of positive feedback after I delivered it, even had grown men crying. I was very proud that I had done a lot of research and delivered a confident, powerful speech that will be talked about for years.

I am not a public speaker, but knowing that I had a good speech helped me delivered it effectively.

Thank you again, and I will certainly recommend this to others. I will definitely use it again, if called to do another one.

It sure made my life easier reading this, just knowing where to start was the biggest help.

Thank you again.

Lynda Cull


This is the second time I have used your Wedding Speech pack – the first time was two years ago for my Father of the Bride Speech and this time as the Father of the Groom.

For someone who used to be terrified of giving speeches, the ideas, structure, and guidelines were all very helpful, and enabled me to craft speeches which I delivered with confidence and which
elicited many genuine compliments.

There was more material available for the Father of the Bride speech.

FYI, I have attached copies of my two speeches.

Mike Riesterer

Wedding Speeches


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