8 Simple Beauty Tips For A Bride

You are officially engaged and about to make your dream of becoming a bride come true. That means there are many things to prepare and one of the most important is to keep yourself beautiful and looking fresh. The day of your wedding is probably the most photographed moment of your life. You are the star of this special event, even when compared to the groom. Plus, you are the most awaited woman in white gown to march down the aisle. Therefore, here are some beauty regimen that you must do, whether you like it or not, to stay attractive during the most wonderful day of your life.

1. Eat Right

Regardless of how much you weigh, a few weeks before your wedding day must be the time to go for strictly healthy diet. It means there is no eating of junk foods, sneaking up at night for some sweets, smoking cigarette and drinking anything alcoholic. So, choose the right kinds of foods and beverages. Drink many glasses of water a day to keep yourself rehydrated.

You need to look good on your big day, so you must physically fit and in good shape. Other than that, eating healthily can help you prevent having any sickness. You do not want to be coughing or feeling dizzy as you say your “I dos” to your groom.

2. Do a Weekly Body Spa and Treatment

You are a girl and your husband to be probably understand if you take some time going to the salon once in a week during the month of your wedding. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you do not overspend your wedding money just for yourself.

Manicures, pedicures, hair treatment, waxing, and body massage are essential to women. In fact, these are things that are essential to any women even if they are not the bride. But the more you must visit your local spa salon if you are getting married in a few weeks!

3. Visit Your Dentist

Do not forget how important to have white, squeaky clean teeth, too. You are going to show your best smile more than once if you are the bride. This is an important natural beauty secret you must keep in mind. That also implies that you need to smile a lot during that special occasion.

4. Run a Makeup and Hair Styling Trial

It is also helpful to do some run-through on how you would look like for your wedding. Just like in choosing a bridal dress, it may be difficult to pick which hairstyle and make up is best suited for you. You may need to dye your hair color, cut the length or change style. Usually, a bride has to do this to know the kind of style she wants and that matches her facial shape. Also, the kind of makeup must be also selected right before your wedding day. Identify which color of eye shadow, blush on, lipstick and lip gloss. This also includes the selection of nail color and art design.

5. Apply a Bronze

You can sun bathe under the sun on the beach days before the wedding. But to ensure you get the right amount of sun tan, use a bronzer instead. And it can be dangerous if you go out without applying sunscreen lotion. That also means stay away from tanning beds. Spray tan can give a better glow on the skin. So, apply on your skin from head to toe a few days prior to the special day.

6. Sleep

Make sure you have enough time to sleep if your countdown to your big day is fast approaching. It must not be only the night of your wedding, because there is a 70% chance that you will ever get sleep. You will be too excited for the morning. So, give yourself some time to sleep in regular hours, at least 8 hours a night. Besides, lack of sleep is reflected on your appearance.

7. Pack a Beauty Kit

You may probably be ready and confidently beautiful on your wedding day. Do you have to stop worrying about how you look like? Well, not really, because there will be tears and makeup can ruin your face, especially with your eyelashes. That said, you need to have tissues and handkerchief. Other emergency beauty tools are bobby pins, safety pins, lotion, deodorant wipes, lotion, perfume, lipstick, mascara, makeup kit, band aid, and dental floss.

8. Be You

The most important is to just be yourself. Do not try to change your aura because it best suits you. Do things that can beautify you but not change your personality.

Have fun on your wedding but you can only feel the positive things about getting married if you are beautiful and know that can stand out during your wedding day. Nevertheless, the eight tips listed above can help you make that happen.


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