Bride Checklist – Essential Things To Prepare And Keep For The Wedding

Is it your time to make your personal and very own bride checklist ? You are recently engaged and now you have the reason to feel excited. Of course, there are butterflies roaming and flying in your stomach too. However, it is not good enough to make you feel less happy or excited because it’s just a start of the pressure that you have to deal with. What else you can do than to start with the things you have to prepare for the big and very special event! Well, here is a wedding day checklist for bride that you need to keep in mind.

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The Date and Time

The first thing you need to think about is the date and time. This is not a decision to make on your own. You have to make an agreement with your groom. You talk to him and decide on when to exchange your vows. This is the first and foremost on the bride checklist. It must be a good day and appropriate time wherein your guests can afford to come.

The Location

Another mutual thing to be decided on is the venue for the ceremony and reception. The second most important to be on the bride checklist is the wedding location. You have to choose a good place that can match everything which is basically the theme. So think of a wedding theme first so you can easily select the right and most appropriate location.

The Dress

What you won’t ever forget on your bride checklist is the dress. This is the actually the most personal thing to list down for any bride. It is a one-of-a-chance to wear a wedding dress, at least for the meantime because you know you’re in love and will soon spend the rest of your life with him. Now, let’s go back to the dress and concentrate on it. It has to be a very beautiful wedding gown that you dreamed for a long time. You may probably have a style on your mind right now even before you put on the wedding day checklist for bride. That is something not new anymore to you especially if you have planned this since the time you are sure you would get married someday. Be sure that the dress is going to reflect your personality and expose your beauty more.

Do not forget that you are also responsible for the dresses of the bridesmaids and your maid of honor. You won’t completely choose what they are going to wear. You can assign the maid of honor for everything but she has to get your approval at the end of the day. This makes your bride checklist less and easier to think about.

The Bouquet and the Flowers

Even though the event has to be decided mutually, there are different things that you alone have to handle. One of them is the flowers which are essential to use for your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets and decorations. It won’t be difficult to think about this but on your bride checklist ensure to list down your choices of flowers, the florist or floral shop to get them and the budget.

The Decorations

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The hardest thing to prepare is the decorations but this is not something you have to deal with alone. Yet, you are a woman so you know what makes your wedding beautiful. That being said, you include any potential or desired decorations on your bride checklist. The beauty and ambiance of your wedding are based on the decorations, well at least more than 50%.

The Cake

Another important that is under your duty and responsibility is the cake. Oh yes, this won’t be forgotten on your own wedding day checklist for bride at all. Like the dress, you have a very special preference. However, it has to be matched with the wedding theme. You also have to include the groom in selecting unless he decides you to take over alone.

The Foods and Party Favors

The bride checklist also includes the foods in general and the favors to give to guests. You and your groom can both choose the dishes and beverages. For the party favors, you can also have a joint decision. As far as beauty and presentation are concerned, you are probably good at it. So, both have to be decided and agreed on by you and your groom.

The Makeup Artist and Stylist

The wedding is the event where you can really have your own dress stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist. Well, it is not Hollywood but still it will be a fun and good aspect of the occasion that you can think about. That means you have to write down your choices of stylists on your bride checklist.

The Shoes and Other Accessories

As much as you want the bridal dress, have the right style of shoes in mind too. It may not be as noticeable as the dress but it complements the whole wedding attire. Other than that, there will be jewelry and accessories to wear also. So, make sure to have all those things written on your personal bride checklist.

The Accommodation for Relatives and Friends

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There will be family relatives and friends who may be coming from different places. In that sense, you must also take care where to accommodate them. Some may come a few days before the wedding so be sure to prepare a place for them to stay in. This has to be on your bride checklist too just in case.

The Wedding Gifts

You and your groom will receive lots of presents on your wedding day. In fact, you will get tons from the bridal shower, the bachelorette party and the rehearsal dinner. Yet, you also have to be a sender of gifts for your bridesmaid, maid of honor and parents. Now, you have to list down your possible choices of gifts for each recipient. That must be on the bride checklist then so do not ignore the wedding gifts as well.

The Bride Speech

The most important on your bride checklist which must not be missed is the speech. You have to give your own personal words aside from the wedding vow. This is a less casual speech where you do not only address the groom but also others which include your parents, the groom’s parents and everybody in general. The bride speech is somewhat not easy to make in a few minutes so have it well prepared. You may need to read samples, wedding speech etiquette and other information related in making a speech and toast from a bride.

These are the things that you must keep in mind and prepare. You can easily remember to do them if you have a list. So, before you proceed to anything, ensure that everything is listed down. The bride checklist is going to be your ultimate personal reminder and organizer. If you do not want to forget or miss anything then have this kind of list with you all the time until the day of your wedding. For more useful tips and Suggestion please Click here to know about Bride Speeches


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