Wedding Hairstyles Based on Face Shape

The hair has always something to do with the shape of the face. This is essential if you need to look great and be the best you can be on a very special occasion. Where else do you have to look the best other than a wedding event? If you are the bride, it is very important to have a beautiful hairstyle. With this post, you are going to learn how to identify your face shape, which hairstyle is best suited for your face and other tips that help you find the right style just for you.

Determine the Shape of Your Face

The first thing you have to do is to face the mirror. You have to pull your hair back and should see the whole shape of your face. If not wearing a ponytail like for a short hair, you can put on a headband to see your face shape. It won’t be too hard to know the kind of shape your head or face has.

The chin is one element that makes it easier for you to know your face shape. It is pointed, round or square? From there, you can narrow down the choices of possible shapes of your face.

1. Round

A round face shape is when the jawline is full and round. The length should be as similar as the width. The cheekbones must be the widest part of the entire face.

2. Oblong

The length of the face is longer than its width. The chin must be pointy, while the jawline is round. All of the cheeks, forehead and jawline must be at the same width.

3. Oval

An oval face shape is similar as oblong. However, the length is a little bit longer for more than 1 time than the width. The forehead should be a bit wider than the chin. Just compare the face to the size of egg and that confirms if you have an oval shape head.

4. Square

The forehead and jawline have the same width, while the sides are straight. The dominant feature here is the jaw because it is as wide as the cheek.

5. Heart

This is a shape that is rare to women. Both the forehead and cheekbones are much wider than the jawline, plus the chin is pointed.

6. Diamond

Diamond is also not as common as other shapes of face. The prominent feature of this is the cheekbones, while the forehead and jawline are the narrowest. The length of the face is longer than the width, but the cheekbones are the widest, and the jawline is pointy.

Identify the Hairstyle that Suits Your Face Shape

Since round, oblong and oval shapes are almost similar, they have the same hairstyle. Any style is alright as long as you avoid having bangs. Instead, make the bangs layered and somewhat have the same length of the main strands of hair. It does not also matter if you choose a long or a short hair, straight or curly.

For heart shape, the most recommended hairstyle is a long cut. It can be straight or curly, but at least it reaches below the chin.

A shape that is square or diamond is a little strict when it comes to hairstyle and cut. A person with square face shape needs to avoid bangs and short haircut. A diamond face is best matched with hairstyle that features bangs.

It is best that you scan pages of magazines regarding hair. It gives you more idea just which hairstyle is best suited for your face according to its shape. Find celebrity people with the same face shape as yours and check their hairstyles. At the end of the day, you need to be the bride who will turn everybody’s head and drops their jaws.


  1. My hair is naturally curly and it’s a long one. I thought it’s not ideal for me to go to the wedding of one of our sons with my hair down. The problem was I didn’t have any hairstyle idea for curly hair that must be pinned up. With a simple glance of the picture posted, this article site caught my attention and motivated me to read it. That’s how I learned how to put my hair to chignon style. I’d love it the moment the hairdresser showed it to me. It’s perfectly beautiful as what I thought the first time I saw the posted picture here.


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