How to Give Wishes to the Bride and the Groom

You may be a parent, a relative, or a close friend of either the bride or the groom. The couple expects you to share some words during the speech. Now, if your problem is how to start it, then let this article be your guide and get nice ideas in creating a wedding speech.

It does not matter what your relation to the couple or role to the wedding. One of your tasks is to search and prepare the perfect wedding speech that includes your best wishes to them. Expressing your sincere and honest feelings to them is really important.

From writing perfect words to knowing what should be written, there is a need to be careful on what to say. While your own words are more recommended, it is not a wrong idea to find some quotes from other people. Love quotations and romantic marriage wishes are two of the most common ideas when it comes to wedding wishes. You can some words from these to your speech.

Most of the time during the wedding, the host generally invites special guests to give their toasts and wishes. Giving your own speech to the couple can be done in other times, too. You can express your sincere wishes to the bride and the groom at the wedding rehearsal, via recorded tape, within a wedding card, a photo signature, or the wedding guest book.

Adding common wedding expressions or verses relating to love and marriage can help you complete your speech. You can share your personal experience. This way, the bride and the groom will have ideas on how they can improve their relationship as a married couple, and once they have children. It is not bad if you give share a bit of your experiences, but make sure you do not tell a lot about yourself when you obviously have to talk some stuff about the newlyweds.

Delivering a wedding speech, i.e. making a toast and wishes for the newly married couples may be most likely done at the reception. So, once you are invited and assigned to give your share of wishes to the bride and the groom, have enough time to prepare it.

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Wishes for the newlyweds need to be short, simple, truthful, and entertaining. Take in mind that there are other people who would speak. So, as much as possible, keep yours short and simple but very heartwarming. It is essential that you make your wishes to be memorable for the both of them at least.

Generally, guests are not the only people at the wedding who can make wishes to the couples. The bride herself should also make wishes to his groom, and the groom to her bride. This is also their right time to thank their loved ones and friends for attending and supporting them during this wonderful, joyous occasion. That is one other reason why you must not steal the show. You can be entertaining and lively, yes, but not at the point wherein you talk too much.


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