Wedding Decorations Ideas – Specific Things to Plan Out

Wedding planning is definitely not a very simple task that you can do within a day or a week that’s why learning new and the hottest wedding decorations ideas can help lessen the stress and difficulty. The most challenging aspect in planning a wedding event is the decoration. You need to think of a theme, identify items to display, choose a store where to buy those items. Along with those, there must be enough money to use in getting all the desired and necessary decorations.

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1. The Financial Resources

The most initial thing to consider is the financial aspect of wedding planning. You have to think about the budget you need to buy materials and décors. Decorations are not just items that you can pick out at your own garage. Most of them have to be bought at a local store whether they are raw or ready-made materials. With wedding decorations ideas, you are able to manage the spending of money for this particular aspect. Even if there is an allocated amount of money to use, make sure that you buy and get items that are not expensive so you cannot go beyond the budget.

2. The Theme

In your choices of decorations, the theme is the foundation. That’s why you need to think and choose a theme first so you can easily select decorative items. This enables you to consume less time in having all the necessary items for wedding decorations. It is through the decorations that can tell people the kind of theme of your wedding. You and your partner can simply think of the theme for your wedding based on your mutual interests and likes. It is also possible to choose a theme according to the kind of relationship and the personality you have as individuals.

3. The Flowers

The number one item that comes into the mind when you speak of decorations is flowers. Any wedding event is not settled without flowers. If you try to scan pages of some magazines or browse the web, you get to see different, creative wedding decorations ideas regarding flowers. That is because there are numerous ways to use flowers as décors for this special event. They are not only used as bouquets but also table centerpieces, wall and ceiling hangs, and others. In selection, it is essential to have a variety of flowers that.

4. The Candles

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Lighting is a must at a wedding especially at the reception part. Whether the special event takes place during daytime or at night, candles are good lightings to use. There is romantic effect of candles either displayed on the tables, floating in water or standing in a torch vase. When you use candles, grab scented ones to add extra fragrance in the room making the atmosphere more comfy and warm. From experts’ perspective of wedding decorations ideas, candles are not the only particular lights to have. A wedding also requires other lighting systems like those needed for the ceiling and wall posts.

5. Backdrops

At the reception, a backdrop is pretty much needed. This is the background where the newlyweds’ table is located. It also refers to the photo area where guests can have a free, unlimited picture with the new married couple for a personal souvenir. This is definitely important to think about so you can have a creative and beautiful backdrop that can provide additional luxury to the event. Make sure to include this on your list of wedding decorations ideas.

6. The Table Centerpieces

Every table needs to have a unique, artistic and pretty centerpiece. It can be a cluster of flowers alone or with some additional twist of other items like crystals, bamboos or ribbons that can give a more beautiful scenery on the table. The reception is where you can see the tables with fabulous centerpieces. These should catch the attention of everybody. That’s why you must consider table centerpieces as also essential wedding decorations ideas to think about.

7. The Wedding Cake

Believe it or not, the bride and groom’s wedding cake is also a decoration. The set up of a reception party at a wedding must be completed with a beautiful, tall cake. Regardless of the theme, a wedding cake can be the normal cake with many layers and topper or pieces of cupcakes with a big sized one as the main attraction. Either choice is another good consideration as far as wedding decorations ideas is involved.

8. Balloons

There will be also balloons at a wedding party. These are typically displayed in a cluster to create an arch and wall around the corners of the room. A string or two may be also tied at the table or on some chairs. They clearly provide extra décor to beautify the reception venue. Somehow, the balloons can be used as the color factor of the theme. They can accentuate a reception area in one or two colors that would dominate what the theme is all about.

9. Favors

Wedding favors are foods that are given to all guests which they can eat as additional dessert or take home. They must be presented on a separate table or displayed beside the plate of each wedding attendee. The favors and treats you need to select must not be only packed in a beautiful and artsy way but also made from the best and delicious ingredients. Be sure to have them displayed with your first names, wedding date and name tags of the recipients who are obviously your guests to make them more personalized. Many magazines and cookbooks for weddings have a variety of recipes to make them as incredibly beautiful wedding decorations ideas. You must then consider favors as additional decorative items to place on tables for this kind of party.

10. The Setting Up

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When you have gathered all necessary items for the decorations, have some people to help you out. These people refer mostly to the maid of honor, best man and family members. It is not absolutely easy to decorate things if there are only few people working. Because of the many items to set up, this particular task requires time management that’s why with a lot of head and hands working together there is a much better way to lessen hassles and avoid rushing things up. Also, you can assign one person to do this and another individual to do that. Most of those you rely on are willing to help anyway even before you give them their own specific duties and responsibilities. This can help make things less difficult and more convenient for everyone who is going to work with the wedding decorations.

This list of wedding decorations ideas should not be disregarded as just simple things to consider. They are as important as your wedding dress so try to give serious concentration for each one of the aspect discussed on here. If you do that, you are able to produce not only beautiful décors but also manage your time and money wisely. Now that you have learned some suggestions and tips about what kind of decorations to use, you are probably more excited to start working this out. Well, have fun doing the planning and executing everything to have a more productive and satisfying result.


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