The Bride’s Speech Writing Guide

I made my bride’s wedding speech in snap because of the tips I will share with you here. You too can write your own speech quickly and easily if you follow the writing guides I will share with you here. The tips and tricks I will share are freely found on the Internet, you can find some guides yourself, however, the guide below are consolidated for your convenience.

Just like you, I was also very distressed when I found out that I am going to deliver a speech at my own wedding. The reason I was distressed was because I have not written anything since I got out of school. I thought, “How can I make a good bride speech if I had no practice whatsoever?” Good thing I found some guide to speech writing online. Following the guide carefully, I was able to make a very good bride’s speech that my husband can be proud of. Here are some of the steps that I followed:

1. Make multiple drafts of your speech. Remember that a draft is not the final product. When making a first draft, disregard grammar and spelling initially. Just free write as long as you can, then you can edit the text later.

The best way for you to make a draft is to use a good word processor. If you can’t afford expensive office suites then you can just use Google Docs. It’s free and it has everything you need for writing your speech.

2. Make a single topic and stick to it. In order for you to make a short and memorable bride’s speech or toast you must have a single unifying theme. A single theme will allow you to focus your writing and not go astray with a lot of unnecessary tangents.

For example, you can have a theme about marriage being fun but full of responsibilities. You can then tell anecdotes or inspirational stories as much as you want as long as it revolves around the single theme mentioned.

3. Use conversational English. Do not use hundred dollar words that can only be found in a dictionary. Just use casual English as if you are just talking to your audience. This will allow you to connect better with your audience. After all, your audience are of different educational background, you don’t want to alienate anyone, on the contrary, you want to draw in everyone to your speech.

I followed the tips and tricks above and I made a good showing of myself. I made a good speech and I delivered it perfectly. You too can make your own bride speech, just follow the instructions above. If you need more tips and tricks to bride’s speech writing and delivery, click here.


  1. Being a bride was exciting but also full of butterflies in the stomach. I knew there’d be many guests from our family and friends to witness our union. I had a little bit issue with my personality. I am a lady who is known for being demure. I would normally just talk if people approach me and initiate conversation. Giving a speech was never been my ideal way of being known to anyone. That was our wedding so I had no choice but to be sociable and entertaining for the first time. It’s not that I have a very low self esteem. It’s just that it’s my personality. Despite of that, making myself enjoy my own wedding was not a big problem to deal with. That’s because I was given some suggestions on how to make a really interesting bride speech through the facts provided from this article. I’d never been so happier that day!

  2. Reading something like this is very encouraging. The fact that the writer had the same experience as I did is what you would believe and ask nothing, not even a single question. That’s how I felt toward the writer and her article here. I had this strong belief that all the things I read here were true and could help me accomplish my goal which is to make a complete and very beautiful bride speech. The result was beyond my expectation because I thought I’d just make my husband feel flattered and the only handsome and sweetest guy in the world. I also made other people feel vulnerable. They were touched of some of the things I shared on our wedding despite that it’s all for my groom. You see how great this article is?

  3. The reception area at around 7pm was so loud because of the cheers and applauses of people after I gave my bridal speech. Many claimed that it’s the best speech of the night although I knew my husband also did a great job on his speech. Some friends of ours told me that they were moved about most of the things I’ve said. Others were speechless of how great it was for them. I thought we would be commented with how I wore that night, how smooth the ceremony was or how good looking we were as a couple. But to my surprise I received more feedback about my speech. I couldn’t believe it! I guess the tips I knew and learned here made it all sensible.


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