Wedding Etiquette – What to Remember and Watch Out for Before and During the Wedding

Learning a list of wedding etiquette is very crucial as this is the secret in making the occasion more special, memorable and successful. If you want to have a great wedding like no other, you better plan properly and in a timely manner. The reason why you have to prepare in advance is to be able to execute everything perfectly or rightly. You do not want anything fall into pieces and ruin your most anticipated wedding. That’s not how you want your special event to be remembered. Therefore, apply the following suggestions on how to have a great wedding.

Know the Religious and Cultural Differences

There are couples who are engaged and want to marry each other despite their differences in terms of religious beliefs and cultural practices. If you are one of those couples, you must respect each other’s perspective on how a marriage ceremony and reception would work. You can just merge both cultural and religious practices as long as they don’t contradict. This is one of the new particular wedding etiquette that is now becoming common these modern days. A lot of people are falling in love to other individuals with a different background and upbringing. In everything you have to set up and prepare depends on these things.

Decide on who is Responsible for the Expenses

When you read something about wedding etiquette, the first question that needs to be answered is, who is going to pay for the event. This is a very important question to consider and answer. The bride and the groom need to decide on who would take care of the financial aspects of setting a wedding. It can be based on the tradition wherein the father of the bride pays for most of the expenses and the groom’s father is going to cover the rehearsal dinner. It may be also according to the couple’s personal decision. They may like to shell out all their resources to have a great wedding or accept financial help from their parents or family in general. Since there are complications and must be talked about, it is best to let the bride and the groom themselves decide on this matter. Once they like to get assistance from their loved ones, what to do is to talk to them and make arrangement. This is not a difficult wedding etiquette to deal with at all. It is as simple as that so you just have to sit down and discuss it.

List Down Who to Invite

It is also included on the wedding etiquette guideline to consider the people you are going to invite for the special occasion. You need to identify each of the closest, most trusted and deserving individuals to take part in the most memorable day of your life. Think hard enough not to miss anyone or else you get a frown and owe somebody for not sending invitations. You may need assistance from your family members and close friends to manage the list of people to invite.

Send Invitations Ahead of Time

All the people you are going to invite especially those who have special roles and participation must be informed about your wedding as early as possible. Do not make them rush on things and schedule their personal appointment just to make it up to you. That’s not what wedding etiquette is all about. They must have enough time to prepare too so they can comfortable come to your wedding. The invitations to send to your prospect visitors should be given three to six months before the wedding date. Remember there are also some parties they can attend to aside from the ceremony and reception. You need to consider all those too when you give invitations.

Making a Timeline and Plan

It is very common to make a plan ahead of time. You need to do and complete several tasks before the wedding. This would require a list of things to do in a timely manner. You must know what to do for the day, for tomorrow, for next week, etc. Part of your wedding etiquette is to create a plan of everything that must be taken care of. There are individuals to meet, business to appoint with, things to buy and others to book. All of the things needed in setting up a fantastic wedding must be prepared and planned beforehand. You need to manage that so the result is not chaos.

Assign Some Tasks to the Maid of Honor and the Best Man

Do not forget to give the maid of honor, the best man and other people who have to traditionally take care of some things. For instance, the best man is responsible in making the groom’s bachelor party happens and the maid of honor for the bachelorette party of the bride. Some family members and close friends also have special participations. You may ask their help to get flowers, order stationery, etc. What this means is that you do not limit your options in getting help and assistance from those people who are willing to help. This is also included on the wedding etiquette list that you must be aware of.

Be Friendly, Polite and Welcoming to Everybody

The wedding etiquette does not just refer to the preparation and setting up of things for both the ceremony and the reception. It also includes the way you act as yourself to all people especially to your guests and the family of your soon to be spouse. You have to be friendly so they feel welcomed. You need to be polite and avoid hurting someone’s feeling. That’s why it is important to be careful on the words you say when you meet them particularly if it is the first time. This also applies when you give your wedding speech and toast. You must thank everyone who has given their time and energy just to attend and help you out with the wedding to become possible.

Be on Time at Your Own Wedding

The most important of all is to be at the marriage ceremony right on time. You are probably the bride but that does not mean that you have to let your guests and the groom wait for an hour or more. They really have to wait but not that long. The duration of waiting for the bride to come out of the limousine and march down the aisle should be thirty to fifteen minutes long maximum. If you are the groom, it is not also appropriate if the bride has to wait for you first. You are the first one to go to the altar and wait for her over there.

Having knowledge on the wedding etiquette is helpful. It can give you a guide on how to prepare and manage your wedding to make it the best event you will ever experience. Of course, it has to be memorable and unique to your wedding attendees too. They must enjoy and appreciate every moment of the special occasion from the start to the end. That can make you say you have a great and successful wedding of the season or year.


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