Funny Maid Of Honor Speeches – Make them Laugh

Did you hear the one about the gal who was trying to write funny maid of honor speeches?

In all actuality, writing the perfect funny wedding speech is no laughing matter.  You want to be careful that your speech does not anger or offend anyone present; remember this is a wedding, not a bachelorette party.  The jokes that you tell your best girlfriends after a few glasses of champagne will not pass muster with your dear old grandma; or, for that matter, with the pastor or minister who officiates the wedding.  Keep it nice, keep it clean…but also keep it funny.  Don’t play it so safe that your humor comes off as corny or forced.  Don’t be afraid to be a little irreverent, giving the bride a gentle ribbing on what is supposed to be a day of fun-filled celebration.

If you’re not a humor writer, or – more practically – if you don’t have the cash to bribe a funny friend to ghostwrite your speech for you – then may wish to forego jokes altogether and just relate some humorous anecdotes; priceless stories that define the longtime friendship with the bride.  Maybe you took a trip together that didn’t quite go as planned.  Maybe you remember some good times from your school days.  Maybe at the bachelorette party the bride accidentally got handcuffed to the male stripper and…ah, but as mentioned earlier, her grandmother, her pastor, oh and that’s right her new husband will be hearing this speech.  You may want to reserve that story for your next girls’ night out, not the wedding reception!

Whether your speech consists of funny one – liners or snappy anecdotes, or perhaps a creative combination of both, you want to blend your humor with sincere warm wishes for the bride and groom.  This is a wedding speech, after all, not a stand up routine.  Leave the big red nose and the whoopee cushion at home; but do remember to bring the good times to this fun, celebratory occasion.

If you want to come up with a maid of honor speech that will have ‘em rolling in the aisles, you may opt to visit a great Internet resource that will guide your way.  In order to come up with the best funny maid of honor speeches, read some polished and highly professional wedding speech samples, along with practical suggestions about how to craft the funniest oratory possible.  click here more details.


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