Maid Of Honor Speeches By Friend – A Message Of Love And Friendship

Maid of Honor

As a friend maid of honor speeches are very important aspect of a wedding. Public speaking is feared by most people but you can eliminate this fear with constant practice. Here are some tips on how to present a maid of honor speech. These tips will hopefully reduce your stress. Following these tips will surely result to a successful maid of honor speech.

As part of the preparation, you must get a pen and a paper to write your speech. There are some ideas on how to make a good speech you can share. First, you must thank the bride for allowing you the chance to be her matron of honor on her most special day. Secondly, you tell some stories about your relationship with the bride. You could have been her best friend since childhood or her sister. You can also tell anything funny anecdotes from her engagement up to the wedding preparation. This maid of honor speech must be done within 2 to 5 minutes at the most. Including only the important matters is what you need to write.

Go in front of the mirror and speak. This is the next step you need to do once you have finished writing the draft of your speech. Be confident as if you are in front of wedding guests. Practicing your speech will really help you deliver your speech with perfection.

You may like to record your maid of honor speech using a recording machine. You listen to it and try to alter if there is something needs to be replaced. There is a need to speak loud and clear in order to be heard. Expect that the reception will be noisy so keep your speech as loudly as possible. You may not need to use a microphone during the reception. Thus, you try to speak louder and clear during your rehearsal. Evaluating your own speech can help you what must be modified and improved.

Maid of Honor

Delivering maid of honor speeches by friend is part of any wedding celebration. As a friend, you need to make a speech the bride and the groom will truly love. Ask suggestions and opinions from others before you give the speech. They will surely give constructive criticism. Accepting their criticism is a great advantage for you to make a better speech.

Maid of honor speeches by friend are few of the most appreciated messages in wedding events. It is essential to read toast samples and helpful tips at Wedding Speech to be able to make friend maid of honor speeches.


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