Maid Of Honor Wedding Toast – Here’s To The Bride

A toast, generally speaking, is a lightly spoken tribute to a friend or loved one, one that lasts all of 10 seconds and culminates with the tip of a glass; a maid of honor wedding toast, by contrast, is a far more complicated matter.

Although brief in duration and deceptively light, a wedding toast should convey the special bond shared between the bride and the maid of honor.  This is the maid of honor’s golden opportunity to express her great love and admiration for the bride, emphasizing the intense pride that she takes in her role and title on this, her friend’s wedding day.

With this toast the maid of honor can relate timeless anecdotes that capture the true spirit of her friendship with the bride.  This could involve a memory of the day they met, a special girls’ night out they enjoyed, or even an eventful shopping trip.  And while the occasion described might be trivial, the feelings the maid of honor conveys through her wedding toast should be deep and meaningful.  By the end of the toast, the audience should realize the true extent of this golden, long lasting friendship.

The toast should stand as a solid tribute to the bride, casting her in a luminous spotlight.  This is, after all, her day; the occasion where she reigns as queen, the day where all others stand back and pay their respects.

And, if there’s time, the toasting maid of honor might also make mention of the groom!:)  Seriously, though, she should remember to tip her glass to the king of the day; the man who just married her dearest friend.  She should welcome him into their circle of friends, also acknowledging the friends and family members of the bride and groom.  She also should make special mention of the groom’s best man, as well as the pastor officiating the wedding ceremony.  In summary, the maid of honor should make everyone feel loved and welcome on this momentous occasion; she should make them glad they came.

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