10 Distinctive Duties Of A Maid Of Honor

The maid of honor, sometimes matron of honor, is a special character on a wedding event. She is included on the entourage of the bride. While she does more tasks than any bridesmaids, the maid of honor is important. That said, she needs to accomplish certain things that only she can start and end, although some can be assisted by other bridesmaids. Let’s concentrate on the different duties and responsibilities of a maid of honor.

1. Buys Her Own Dress

The maid of honor is technically the assistant of the bride in terms of some wedding preparations including the shopping of her bridal dress. In fact, she is the only one invited by the bride to go shop with her. Another thing is that she has to take care of her own dress, shoes and other accessories. That means the bride won’t need to pay for her attire, but must be approved if it fits to the wedding theme.

2. Relays Messages and Details

She acts as the messenger of the bride. Anything that others need to know is usually informed or announced by the maid of honor. Once the wedding registry is up, the date of meetings with groomsmen and bridesmaids are set, or the bachelorette party plan must be conducted, it is her duty to let others who are concerned to know about it.

3. Directs Bridesmaids and Flower Girls

Before and during the ceremony, the maid of honor reminds and sees to it that each bridesmaid is doing their job. She checks if they already worn their attire, and if they are dressed well. She also makes sure the flowers know what to do with their own assignments. She may need to rehearse them on how to walk and, most importantly, shower flower petals on the aisle. It is her job to keep them silent, behave and attentive.

4. Host the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

It is expected for the maid of honor to plan and host the bachelorette party. This is one of her major tasks because she has to make sure the party is something the bride won’t forget. This pre-wedding event is also financially taken care of by the maid of honor, unless she asks some help from other bridesmaids.

Other then the bachelorette party, it is the maid of honor’s duty to help plan and host or co-host the bridal shower. If she is the only one assigned to it, there is still an option to ask for assistance from the best man and bridesmaids.

5. Arrange the Veil and Train of the Bride

When the bride is dressing up, the maid of honor must be there to help. She has to make sure the train of her dress is flowing before she marches, and so is the veil if it is properly worn. All throughout the occasion, she has to keep an eye on these two elements o f the bride’s attire.

6. Hold the Bride’s Bouquet and Groom’s Ring

At the ceremony, the maid of honor keeps the ring of the groom. She gives it to the bride at the time of the exchanging of wedding rings. There are also times in which the bride needs a hand for her bouquet. The maid of honor must be alert to grab and hold the flower arrangement, then bring it back after.

7. Sign on the Couple’s Marriage License

Technically, the maid of honor is one of the witnesses, and she has a name on the marriage license. She needs to mark her signature on it no matter what. This is most important than having a picture with the newlyweds, because it is the official document that indicates she has been a maid of honor and a witness at the same time.

8. Assists Guests

Before the ceremony and during the reception, the maid of honor must beware of guests if they need some assistance. There may be some who cannot find their tables, almost forget to sign the guestbook, not sure where to put the gifts, etc.

9. Give a Speech or Toast

Whether at the rehearsal party or at the reception, the maid of honor is one of the speakers to give a beautiful message. Her speech solely addresses the bride, but she must congratulate and give advice to the groom as well.

10. Collects Gifts

Right before the reception is over, the maid of honor must collect all gifts from each guest. Whether they are items in gift boxes or in envelopes, she needs to keep and secure them in a safe place until the couple gets a hand of them.

There are many things a maid of honor can do for the preparation and success of the wedding of her friends – the bride and the groom. Only these ten are the most essential as most of time she is expected to do them.


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