Bridesmaid Speeches – Easy Tips To Write Speech

Bridesmaid speeches are easy to do if you follow some of the tips in this article. I found a lot of tips and tricks about speech writing online and I found it helpful when I made my own speech. I hope that you will find my tips and guide helpful as well.

When I learned that I was going to deliver a maid of honor speech, I was a little distressed because I am not a professional writer, and I have not written anything since school. Instead of panicking, I calmly searched the Internet for some tips and guides to help me write a great bridesmaid speech and even toasts. Allow me to share some of the things I learned about speech writing.

Use conversational English

Shakespeare must be the best writer of English drama, but it would not sound so great if you write like Bill when making your speech. Just make use of conversational English. Write like you talk and you won’t sound like a pretentious person during the delivery of your speech.

Along the same line, do not use thesaurus words as much as possible. The goal here is to keep your wedding speech short and simple.

Use 4 to 5 short sentences

When populating your paragraphs, use 4 to 5 short sentences. Using short sentences can help your speech be as cohesive and simple as possible. This will at least allow you to memorize an easy to understand maid of honor speech.

Make a thesis statement and stick with it

Make a single topic or a thesis statement and stick with it all throughout the speech. This will really keep your speech short and simple. With one unifying topic, you can make sure that you will not stray off the point that you want to make.

You can make a point like, marriage is sacred and full of responsibilities. This will allow you to impart something important to the listeners, especially the newlyweds. You can tell inspirational stories or funny anecdotes as long as it revolves around the single topic that you have come up with.

More guides and tips

If you want to make great bridesmaid speeches, then you can look online for professional help. There are a lot of tips and tricks online that can help, but you must only trust the best sites around for awesome speeches. If you need more tips and tricks to wedding speech writing, head on over to bridesmaid speeches and toasts site.


  1. The suggestions here were very clear, so easy to understand and learn. I had a blast giving my speech because the audience had fun with it too. It made that so successful for me because I listened to what I learned from this posting. They all made sense so no hard time dealing with my speech. I might not be very confident or happy about until it’s over. That’s also when I just realized that the suggestions were true. I literally based my speech on here. My speech was more than just okay. I did a great job so allow me to say thanks to your suggestions.

  2. At the wedding I attended most recently, the bride was my childhood best friend and her fiancé was an English teacher in a local university in Chicago. I had to go back to my hometown to witness their exchanging of vows and union blessing. Not that I was one of the dearest friends but also had a big role to take on their wedding. I was also expected to give a speech. It was okay for me the moment my friend told me about it. When I started doing it I realized the other listener beside her is an English instructor. If you’re thinking I should have good grammar, you’re totally in it! I didn’t want to hear anything bad about my speech straight from her groom! I respected them both so much that I didn’t want to mess up my speech and embarrass them in front of their loved ones and friends. Good thing this article gave me an excellent idea to make my speech not only had the proper application of the grammar rules but also a touching message.

  3. It’s so cool to read the article posted on this website. I totally enjoyed reading it but I wished there was more. I could read for an hour but might not be a good idea cause after that I started writing my wedding speech. I was chosen to be a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding which happened just three weeks ago. I could still remember that time I presented my speech. The reaction of the people was still fresh in mind. I knew they loved it although not all of them came to me to give their congratulation. All I needed was a good feedback from my best friend. She gave me before I waved goodbye to them at the event. it was sweet to my ears and I liked that she loved it.


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