Bachelorette Party Ideas – How To Have A Fun Party With Your Girls?

Since the beginning of the modern generation, lots of bachelorette party ideas have been introduced. There are now new, contemporary themes for bachelorette party. Some traditional themes have been unpopular, while others are still a favorite of many brides.

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If you want to know the hottest themes that you may select to have a great and exiting party, read the list of suggestions below.

Choose a Theme

1. Pajama or Slumber Party

This is probably your last time to hang out until late night with your girlfriends. So, why not have the most memorable pajama party ever? This is a great theme for a bachelorette party because it is not only cherishing and fun but also cheap! You do not have to spend a big amount of money for the decorations and foods. It is less stressful to prepare so it’s going to be advantageous if you pick this theme. Plus, many cool bachelorette party ideas can be considered. Some of these include having all chips, popcorns, chocolates and cookies that you want to have and pair them with cans of sodas or a few bottles of beers, watching chick flicks, comedy or romantic movies, and sleeping all together in one huge bed since it’s going to be your last night together. Be sure that every girl invited has to wear their favorite pajamas, shirts and socks! It must be funky and cute, and if you may, give a special reward who wears the best pajama.

2. Game Night Party

Another overnight bachelorette party theme is game night. This is a very common theme to choose but it is family friendly, cost efficient and easy to prepare. Also, you do not have to require a very specific costume or attire because it works with any casual clothes. You can enjoy the company of each of your girlfriends and sisters doing games. These include card games and parlor games. You can also cook some delicious foods that you can have for your dinner and midnight snacks. Of course, you can definitely have some glasses of cocktails or beers as you continue to spend the whole night together. These are cheap and great bachelorette party ideas suitable for this kind of theme.

3. Bar Hopping Party

If you think it is more fun to go to one of the best local bars in your town, then choose a bar hopping bachelorette party. Make sure that this is all-girls party night so it is much better if you can rent a private bar room or club and just enjoy the night partying and dancing with all of your female friends. That way you are all comfortable to do some dare and crazy games like riding on a rodeo machine, dart, and strip pool.

4. Spa and Salon Party

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For a pampering bachelorette party, take your girls to any favorite spa and salon in your place. Spend most of the whole day having manicure and pedicure, facial treatment, foot spa, body massage and hair styling. This may only require a few bachelorette party ideas because you do not have to wear anything specific or make time to decorate. The only thing you have to really prepare is the expense because the cost of all these can be amounting to thousands of dollars. However, it’s going to be worth it if you make everybody, including yourself, feel relaxed, beautiful and comfy.

5. Pole Dancing or Yoga Party

It is also enjoyable to have some pole dancing or yoga session with your girls. This bachelorette party theme is definitely becoming more common because it gives women a new way on how to love and embrace their own selves. It’s going to be a great time to spend the entire day laughing at each other’s mistakes and just enjoying the rest of this new activity.

6. Wild and Adventurous Party

This theme seems too general because it has lots of choices that you can do. For a more extreme kind of party with your girls, you can have a weekend off camping and hiking in the woods, a one-day sports car racing, an afternoon bungee jumping, etc. The bachelorette party ideas for this kind of theme are somewhat risky which need you to be cautious. Yet, the adrenaline rush and thrills these activities give can make you feel more proud of yourself as a woman as you can do what men do.

Select Games and Activities

Whatever theme you pick for the bachelorette party, there must be two or more activities that you can do together. Let’s discuss some of the common games and activities you can consider.

1. Ice Breaker

Whether it is a party at home, in the woods or at the salon, ice breaker is a very fun game you may include. This is one of the bachelorette party ideas that can kill time while you are relaxing or taking some rest. This enables you to get to know more and exchange some sensible thoughts. Who knows, someone may spill the beans but make sure it’s all good and for the improvement of your relationship as friends.

2. Balloon Question Game

You may like to have a more exciting way to answer questions or exchange ideas. If so, write down questions on strips of paper and insert them inside the balloons. You and your friends can simply blow or pop out the balloons by sitting on a chair or using a needle.

3. Casino Games

Another great game to include is anything that you can play in a casino. Texas Hold’em poker, blackjack and bingo are some of the favorite casino games you may initiate for everyone to play.

4. Cooking

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This activity is more suitable for a home or private venue party. There are many great cooking bachelorette party ideas that you can choose from for this kind of activity. Some may prepare dishes, and others can concentrate on the dessert. Instead of having foods already prepared, let all your girls cook them. To make this more fun, have it s a cooking contest and divide the girls into groups. They will surely agree how fun this would be. Besides, there are foods that are easy and quick to cook in just a few minutes of time.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Before you call off the day or night, have an extra scavenger hunt. This could be a fun game for your guests if you give a very special reward like an expensive dress, a cooking set, a make-up kit or a brand new phone. Have all the girls find something with clues until the first one is able to discover what you want them to get or do.

In preparing the bachelorette party, you only have to do two major things. Those are to prepare ahead of time and have sufficient amount of money. Without these, it won’t be easy to plan a fun, exiting and memorable party with your girls. From the help of the cool and unique bachelorette party ideas given above, you may feel confident and less stressed to start planning out what you need to do for this pre-wedding event. For more tips and suggestion have a click here


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