A Funny Father of the Groom Speech can win many hearts

Funny Father of the Groom Speech

Composing a funny father of the groom speech can be a challenge especially since the speech will be delivered to a diverse audience.  The people who will be present on the wedding day will come in all ages and backgrounds so each of them may have his or her own sense of humor.  If you are the Father of the Groom, how can you write a speech that is not only humorous, but meaningful as well?  Here are some tips:

Focus on one theme–  Before setting out to write your speech, think about the main message that you want to speak about.  For instance, your main theme can be about the changes you’ve seen in your son since he met his better half, or you may want to share your own tips on how you have maintained a happy marriage.  After deciding on what your central theme will be, you can start writing your speech, keeping in mind that it needs to be closely related to your main message.

Interact with your audience–  An effective way to initiate a good joke to the speech is to interact with your audience.  Arouse their curiosity.  You can do this by including questions that invite a reaction from your listeners such as “Do you remember?” or “Do you agree?”

Share a funny anecdote–  You can share a true-to-life incident that both you and your son find funny.  It does not really have to be a big event.   Even a simple anecdote can truly be humorous and meaningful.  Yes, trying to write a funny father of the groom speech is a good time to stir up those good old memories.

Be Respectful–  Never try to be funny at the expense of others.  Respect other people’s beliefs and make sure that your jokes will not be stepping on other’s toes.  Don’t forget to consider that there are children present during that occasion so make sure that your jokes are wholesome, not offensive in any way.

Deliver your speech–  Ultimately, it all boils down to how you deliver your speech.  A well-delivered wedding speech captures the attention of the audience, makes an impact and entertains.  If you want to get tips on how to deliver a funny father of the groom speech click here Our website offers samples of time tested and proven wedding speeches, funny wedding quotations, wedding etiquette secrets, and pointers on confident public speaking.


  1. Here are some key items to remember.Length: no more then 3-5 mitnues tops.Good opener and closing statements that tie into each other.Keep it positive. It is not a time to roast someone.Keep it clean. Remember who is listening.A quick cheat speech for me was to open with a couple questions, use the body of the speech to answer them and close with a quick recap with maybe a humorous quip in a conclusion.Good Luck


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