Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches – 5 Top Tips

You are tasked to deliver great maid of honor wedding speeches because you are a trusty friend to the bride and groom. Being maid of honor is a position of trust because you are a very important person for the newlyweds. Creating wedding speeches can be difficult, but you can do it if you have some tips and tricks to help guide you when writing.

When I was maid of honor, I was in the same situation as you are now. I was also stressed out that I have to write such speeches even if I did not have any training for writing maid of honor speeches. Good thing I have the Internet. So I searched online for a guide to help me write my maid of honor speech. Let me share with you the tips that I learned online so you too can create your own speech.

1. When writing your maid of honor wedding speeches make a first draft. This first draft is used so that you can free write. Write out everything you can regardless of grammar and spelling, you can edit it later or have someone edit it for you.

2. Keep your wedding speeches short and simple. You can do this simply by using short sentences and avoiding long-winded sentences. Fill your paragraph with 4 to 5 short sentences to make your speech cohesive and coherent.

3. Avoid using fancy words that can only be found in the dictionary. This tip is in line with making your speech short and simple. When you use words that nobody will understand, you risk alienating your audience. The goal here is brevity so that you can draw in your audience.

4. Use very descriptive words when writing your speeches. Show, don’t tell. Do as your creative writing teacher tells you to do. This means that you should use simile, metaphor, and imagery in your composition. This will greatly help engage the imagination of your listening audience.

5. Start your speech by introducing yourself. Remember that not everyone in the wedding knows who you are. The middle part of your speech should be for telling humorous anecdotes and inspirational stories about the bride and groom. You can tell numerous anecdotes and stories as long as it is within a single, unifying  theme.

Now you know how easy it is to make compelling maid of honor wedding speeches. You too can really make your own speech if you follow the guide above. If you need more tips and tricks to help you with your speech writing, then click here.


  1. Is it just me or this maid of honor speech article is unsurprisingly excellent? I thought I couldn’t give a good wedding speech at the wedding of my best friend. What really happened was that the morning of the wedding was the only time I tried to make a speech. I was fortunate that my iPhone had a good battery level at that time. I browsed the net and found this article. I took the ideas suggested here and completed my speech just as soon as before I started dressing up myself. It was a very very rush work! I thought I would end up just saying anything or whatever if I could not make one but I was happy I did have a great preparation even for the last minute.

  2. It was a shock to all of our friends who were at the wedding of my best friend that I just gave a very interesting wedding speech. They couldn’t believe it because they know I’m a reserved, kinda shy person. They thought I had a hidden talent about it. I got the best joke of the night when we all gathered for the last time before we said goodbyes to one another. I literally blushed and I just kept quiet, like just other days. The truth is that they never knew until these days that I got some hints from this article of maid of honor wedding speeches. Can we make this a secret?

  3. hese 5 tips were one-of-a-kind although they are written in simple terms. Even young children could easily understand the points these tips are making. That’s how simple and easy this post was for me. I thought it’s a good one that I could apply for my writing of my speech. I was the maid of honor and anyone who’s appointed to that is expected to give a wedding speech. It was not my first speech at a wedding but I wanted to make it perfect. The last time I gave was a little bit disaster. Not so bad or the worst but not a great one either. So this time I wanted to make it a lot better. Based on the tips here, I was able to do a more beautiful piece of a wedding speech.


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