Father of the Groom Speech Etiquette To Remember

Father of the groom ETIQUETTE

Learning about the do’s and don’ts or the father of the groom speech etiquette is important before attempting to write the speech.  For the father of the groom, giving a speech or sharing a toast for the newly wedded couple is truly a privilege.  What are the points that you need to remember when composing a father of the groom speech?  Here are some tips:

Be sincere–  As a Father, you want to share the joy you are feeling.  Do not just recite a readily-made speech if it does not mean anything to you.  Say things from your heart.  You may want to tell a memorable anecdote that you share with your son or give some practical advice on a happy marriage based on your experience.

Be light-hear-ted–  It is always a good idea to include humor in public speeches.  A sensible joke spoken at the appropriate time can really brighten up the mood of everyone present in that occasion.  You can include a funny incident or a funny quotation in your speech to avoid sounding monotonous.  After all, a wedding is a joyful occasion – a day to share good laughs with family and friends.

Be considerate– This is one of the most important father of the groom speech etiquette.  When telling a joke, make sure that you will not be stepping on anyone’s feelings or beliefs.  Remember that you will most likely be delivering your speech in front of a big audience.  You can expect that there will be old people there as well as teenagers and children, so you should make sure that everything in your speech is wholesome, uplifting, and inspiring.

Be yourself–  You don’t have to use flowery words or metaphors to impress the people.  When it’s your turn to deliver your speech, speak as if you are speaking in front of your family.  No pretensions needed.  Just be confident and speak from your heart.

It’s completely normal to feel nervous at first, especially if you’re not used to giving speeches.  However, you can lessen the tension by preparing your speech ahead of time and practicing it in front of a mirror or someone you’re comfortable with, like your wife or son.

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