Wedding Speeches Order – How Speakers are Arranged

In a wedding event, there is wedding speeches order that must be followed. There has been a traditional order in delivering wedding speeches. However, this tradition has changed for some reasons.

Wedding Speeches Order

More brides and grooms choose their own way of arranging the orders of wedding speakers. If you want to do the same, you are free to do so. Here are some ideas that can help you select on how to order and organize the speakers for your wedding.

Speeches order of speakers can start from the parents to the secondary sponsors. The usual way of delivering a wedding speech starts with the father of the bride then followed by the father of the groom. After the fathers, mothers of the bride and the groom must present their own speeches accordingly. If all parents are finished presenting their personal messages, the best man and the maid of honor may follow. You can decide whether it is the best man or the maid of honor to go first.

You may also choose to let the best man or the maid of honor speak first before the parents. This is possibly a great choice if you want the father of the bride to be the final speaker of the special celebration. Some engaged couples actually choose that way. Well, basically, it is up to you and your partner how you want this to happen.

All individuals who have these responsibilities must be aware of the wedding speeches and toasts you make. They need to know when they have to stand up and share their own personal messages. Each of them has to comply and follow the wedding speeches order. So, make sure to inform them as soon as possible so they can prepare themselves.

Creating a wedding day speeches order is somewhat important. You must also consider this during the preparation of your most awaited moment. The order for wedding speeches needs careful planning as well because you and your future spouse have to discuss about it. You both must agree which speaker to go first and the last.

Making a speeches order is not just about choosing the way you want to. You need to compromise and make agreement with your partner in order to have a good speech.


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