Sister Maid Of Honor Speeches – How To Make Your Sister Proud

It’s the day of your sister’s wedding, and she has bestowed upon you the coveted title ‘maid of honor’; now it’s time to do her proud with your rousing version of the sister maid of honor speeches.

Regard your maid of honor speech as a shining, divine tribute to the girl you grew up with; and to the beautiful, wonderful woman she has become.  Praise before all assembled her beauty, her intellect, her kindness, her success; let everyone know what a very special person they honor that day.

In preparing your maid of honor speech, don’t forget to include precious anecdotes that recall your childhood together; those sweet, funny stories that recall all the fun you had growing up, and that reflect the strong, nurturing upbringing which made you the women that you are.

Along these same lines, be sure to include a mention of your parents in your maid of honor speech.  Acknowledge the contributions they have made, both to this wedding and to your family life in general.  Also thank those other special people, including your siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, the best man, etc., whose presence makes this day complete!

And don’t forget the groom!  He is not only your sister’s new husband; he is your brother newly found, and an important addition to your family.  Be sure that he feels welcomed and loved; while still issuing a pleasant but strong reminder that he’d better never hurt your sister!:)

Above all, remember that your maid of honor speech is a gift from a sister to a sister.  Wrap it up with radiant words that will touch and impress her, but also keep it personal; be sure to capture the exquisite nature of the sisterly relationship, letting her know just how much she means to you.

On the day of your sister’s wedding, you want to support her in any way you can; this includes the planning, preparation and delivery of a winning maid of honor speech.  In order to come up with the best sister maid of honor speech, visit a solid Internet resource that provides polished and highly professional wedding speech samples, along with practical tips on how to craft a top wedding oratory.  Get with it, sister, write your maid of honor speech today; click here for more details.


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