Parents of the Groom Speech – Top Tips On How to Write an Impressive Speech

parents of the groom speech

On a wedding occasion, the parents of the groom speech as well as the parents of the bride are two of the most awaited speeches of the day.  Both the father and mother of the newlyweds are expected to give speeches for all the guests and share a toast as well.  If you are a parent on the groom’s side of the family, how can you write an effective speech?  Consider the following tips:

Keep it light and good–  A humorous statement, a funny story or a witty joke makes a speech more interesting and lively.  However, when you’re delivering a wedding speech, you should make sure that your jokes are healthy and clean.  Keep in mind that there will be children present during the occasion.  Also, you’ll want to stay away from making political or racist remarks that can offend someone in the audience.

Keep it at just the right length–  No matter how many good stories you would like to share with the crowd, you don’t want to take all the time for yourself.  Remember, this day is all about the bride and the groom.  Of course, you want to give other speakers the chance to give their best wishes to the couple.  Aside from the parents of the groom speech, the best man, the maid-of-honor and the couple will be giving their own speeches as well.  Ideally, five minutes should be enough to say everything that you need to say before making a toast.

Practice makes perfect-  Not everyone is used to giving out speeches to a crowd.  If you’re feeling nervous, that is perfectly normal.  However, you can feel a lot less tense if you can prepare your speech ahead of time.  Practice it in front of a mirror or even in front of a friend or your family member.  The more you say your speech out loud, the more comfortable you will be to deliver it.

However, do not memorize all the words.  If you do, there’s a good chance that you will forget some parts of it once you feel nervous.  If you think you might get lost in the middle of your speech, it’s a good idea to create an outline and write it down on a small piece of paper.

There are some exclusive examples of  parents of the groom speech online and you can observe how they are written before trying to compose your own. Click here for more information as it has great samples of time tested and proven wedding speeches for parents of the groom, funny wedding quotations, wedding etiquette secrets, as well as pointers on confident public speaking.


  1. I think every parent would want to write an impressive speech for their child’s wedding. For the father of the groom, delivering a speech is a great pride and honor. Everyone who is present on that occasion will know that as a father, he raised a responsible adult who is now ready to start his own family. This article has given helpful tips on how to prepare and deliver a good speech. I’m glad that I came across this website a few weeks before my son gets married because I’ve been looking for this kind of information online. I will be checking out the sample speeches later.

  2. Stay away from anything havnig to do with his past romances, love life, or anything of that nature. Even though it may be funny in private, his new wife, or her parents might not be too keen.Stick to material such as reasons why he is your best friend, for example reminiscing on a time when he was there for you when you ran out of gas, or when your grandpa died. Then make the correlation between how hes such a (great/reliable/willing/listening/caring/devoted/sacrificing/etc.) friend, to how you know hes going to be as a husband, yada yada get it?Good luck


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