Best Man Speeches and Toasts Writing Guide

Do you consider yourself a good friend of the bride and groom? Then you have to write awesome best man speeches that are meaningful, funny, and all original. Wedding speeches are not that hard to write if you have some tips and tricks to help you and guide you in the creative process. You can write speeches anytime as long as you have the motivation and a positive attitude.

Not long ago I was also picked as best man by my brother. I was a little stressed that I had to write wedding speeches for the wedding that I literally could not sleep for days, weeks before the actual wedding. It was a rare anxiety attack. And why not? I was not a trained speech writer and the last time I wrote anything was during school years and years ago.

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Good thing we have the Internet to help us find resources on speech writing. As luck would have it, I found a lot of tips and tricks ion speech writing. Allow me to share with you the things that I learned on how to write best man speeches.

1. Make a draft of your speeches. Remember that you can free write during this draft process. You can disregard grammar and spelling at first, then you can edit your draft heavily after you are finished writing.

2. When writing your wedding speeches, make it short and simple. Avoid using fancy words and use short sentences when writing your speeches. Using dictionary words will alienate your audience. Using short sentences will keep your writing task easier and quicker for you.

3. Use descriptive language when writing your speeches. Use similes, metaphors, and imagery to when composing your speech. This will surely engage the attention and the imagination of your  audience.

4. Use the first part of your speech to introduce yourself. Keep in mind that you may be a stranger to the majority of the people in the wedding. The middle of the speech can be sued to tell humorous anecdotes or inspirational stories. Tell something about the bride and groom and how they touched your life. The last part of the speech should be for the obligatory congratulations. Tell the bride and groom that they are an inspiration to all couples.

Now that you know how to write best man speeches, you can try your luck with it right away. If you need more guide and tips for best man speech writing then click here.


  1. ‘Best Man Speeches and Toasts Writing Guide’ is one of the best guides I read a week ago. There were plenty of choices for me on what to read because I badly needed some guideline about writing a best man speech and toast. For some reason, I picked this one because I liked the title. I thought everything I needed to know was the content of it and it was! Many things I would never know were written here. It might be luck for me but I’m glad I had the chance to read it. it was very interesting piece of article about best man speeches.


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