Mother of the Groom Gifts

Wedding is a very special event for the whole family and close friends. This is one of the memorable gatherings where everyone can unite especially those people who have not seen each other for many years.

Despite the excitement and thrills, this kind of occasion is also a point in which you spend a fortune. There are many things to prepare to make this wedding a memorable one which is somewhat expensive. The couple is not only going to spend some of their earnings but also rely on some from their parents. This is practiced sometimes but even if this does not run to your family, you still have to spend money on a few things. One of them is the gift that you are going to give to the upcoming newlyweds.

Mother of the bride or mother of the groom gifts are essential to consider for an event like this. As a loving parent, you have to give the best item you can hand to them which they cherish it for a lifetime. Here are some of the ideas you may like to choose from.

Personalized Jewelry

For the bride, jewelry is a great choice of item that you can wrap and give to your own daughter or future daughter-in-law. It is much better if you make it a more personalized jewelry item. A set of customized jewelry is an ideal one to give. A bracelet with her name and essential words like “Mom loves you” or “Proud to be mom of ___” can be a very touching accent to the jewelry. In a necklace, you can add up a photo of the both of you. You can think of other things as well just try to be creative and more personal.

For gifts for mother of the groom, you can still give a personalized jewelry item. It can be a watch or a ring that has sentimental value. If there are jewelry items that are given from one generation to another in your family that would be a very great idea.

Frames and Hankies for Keepsake

Particular items for keepsake like family frames and wedding hankies are other good gifts to give. Most of the mother of the bride and mother of the groom gifts given have the purpose to keep and cherish them as far as the marriage lasts. It would be much nicer if you add personal touches like the couple’s names on the handkerchiefs or photos of them and you as parents on the frame with special messages engraved.

Tote Bag for the Bride

Another great item to give as a wedding gift by a mother is a tote bag. This specific item is more applicable to give to the bride. A handmade bag is a wonderful gift to hand to a precious bride whether you are the biological mom or the future mom-in-law.

So, basically, the items listed above are more personalized gifts which you can definitely afford to buy or make. If you want to get out of the box and sacrifice into a higher level, you can opt for some of the most jaw-dropping gifts you can give to the bride and groom. Here are another set of ideas you can consider giving to the newlyweds.

A Brand New Car

Marriage is about building a family so why not give the couple a new car they can use together with their future kids. It does not matter if it’s brand new or slightly used. As long as it comes from the heart and perfect in condition the couple is going to love it for sure. This is certainly one of the few mother of the bride and groom gifts that you can think of putting big ribbon on top.

Honeymoon Package

There are cheap deals of wedding honeymoon package for couples. You may choose one of the best vacation deals for two persons somewhere in the country or outside like the Caribbean or any of the tropical islands in Asia. If this is somewhat expensive for you alone, you can try to partner with your husband and with the parents of the other party.

These are all fantastic gifts ideas you may consider. You can choose from any or a combination of the gift items listed above if you like to show your full support to the bride and the groom on their wedding day. No matter what gifts you pick, ensure to add your personal note to the newlyweds. They can be in short paragraphs but with meaningful and essential words.

One of the best mother of the bride or mother of the groom gifts you can have is your own personal words of advice to the couple. So, make sure that you also prepare a good mother of the groom speech for your son and his new wife. The encouragement and support you can give through words can mean so much to them. Let Mother of the Groom Speeches help you with the offered tips, toast ideas and samples of mother of the groom speeches.


  1. I always knew that a tote bag can be a nice gift for the bride but my problem was for the groom. It is normally easy to find items for ladies but if you need to give a man a special gift it’s another story. It’s more challenging. I’m glad that there are great suggestions posted here for grooms. I never thought about giving a jewelry item to my son. After reading this, I had a change of mind. I thought it’s a good idea to give him a very expensive watch. For many years, he had been using the same watch his father had given him on his college graduation. Now, it’s time to give him a new one which he can use for another set of years.

  2. I heard that the bride and the groom, who happened to be my son, haven’t yet decided to make plans for their honeymoon. As a mother, I felt sad for them because it’s important that they take time together as a married couple in a secluded and romantic place. The post here mentioned about a honeymoon package and that just gave me more confidence that it would be a very good gift for the couple. I knew my son always wanted to visit Tahiti. There were hot deals of Tahiti packages for four and two. I couldn’t be more excited about this!

  3. It’s kinda funny reading the different suggestions of gifts here. They range from the most affordable to the most expensive gifts. The bottom line is that it’s a perfect list for everyone. There are choices for mothers of the groom who are in a budget and there are also great items for extravagant gift givers. If I classify myself, I belong to those who can give affordable gifts. I have had some ideas of what to give to my son and his lovely bride. This list of gift items was a big help after all. Reading other posts was also motivating. I really should give the couple the best gift they could have.

  4. All of the suggested gifts here are practical. I wanted to be practical when buying the wedding gift for my son and his used-to-be girlfriend who now his wife. The ‘honeymoon package’ and ‘brand new car’ are the only ones I think that’s way more than practical. So, that’s basically what I’ve been looking for. I went to frames instead because that’s a very ideal gift for people who are starting a family. They would need to capture every moment of their marriage and so I bought a big frame with a few smaller ones plus a large family album. I could sense they’ll have children not long enough. I cannot wait to be a grandmother anyway.

  5. This list of suggested tips is practically a good one for any type of mother. There are gift ideas for mothers who want to spend less but still want to give a very special item. Others are for mothers who will not care about the price of item as long as they’re going to make the bride and the groom happy. So, where do I stand right now? I think I go to the middle. I don’t want to give m son and his bride something that is cheap and not also very expensive. Since I work in a travel agency, I can give a gift certificate to them. I never thought about that which I couldn’t believe it because where in the world I wouldn’t? This article just spanked my head and made me open my thoughts.

  6. I was thinking of giving the couple a honeymoon trip but I was worried about the cost I might need to spend for it. After reading this, my mind was quick enough to pick it out. I just thought to myself that I would research until I find a good and affordable tour package. One thing I had in mind was to choose a domestic destination. That was not a bad idea at all because most domestic trips are less expensive than international tours. I just have to choose where.

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