Maid Of Honor Duties – Know Your Responsibilities And Tasks For The Wedding

If you are chosen to be a maid of honor, expect to do some maid of honor duties. There are lots of wedding tasks that you have to face. It is important that you know all of these so you can achieve them without having difficulty. Therefore, preparation and patience are the things that you must possess so you can have an easier way of accomplishing them all. Here are the different tasks that you must include on your maid of honor duties checklist.

The Bridal Planning 

The bride is going to contact you for assistance, ideas and advice. You need to be there when she makes a plan for her wedding. She is surely going to ask several ideas and tips regarding her dress, motif, decorations, flowers and others. It is your duty to help her with all of these things. She may even ask you to make a list of everything that must be done from the bridal party to the wedding reception. Remember that you are not just going to be a listener and a follower. You also advise and suggest so you must come up with fabulous ideas the bride is going to agree with.

The Shopping Week

One of the most exciting wedding duties you are going to take is shopping with the bride. It has been traditionally practiced for a maid of honor to accompany the bride in buying for her wedding dress. Since the groom is not available and suggested to do that, it is the maid of honor, aside from the mother of the bride, who is going to take his place.

Other than the dress, you are also expected to shop for flowers, ornaments and other decorations. The flowers you are going to buy can be a pre-order. This means you just place an order then later have them delivered during the wedding day. Some flowers may be used for the bridal shower or bachelorette party. So, either ways you have to go to a flower shop with or without the bride. This is among the maid of honor duties for sister or for friend to accomplish.

The Decoration Time

A wedding is a very special occasion and elegant event that requires lots of decors. Although there is an option to hire professionals, there are still some handy tasks that the bride, the groom, the best man and the maid of honor must do. Being a part of the team, you are expected to help in making invitations, wedding favors and other stuffs that need to be decorated. This is your time to highlight your skills and creativity in designing. If the best man plans for the bachelor party, it is your call of duty to manage the bridal shower party.

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The Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

Aside from those duties bridal shower party is another event that you must not forget. This is a pre-wedding party exclusively for women. There is something special about this. All visitors and participants are going to and expecting to have fun. Thus, you have to think of various ideas and great ways that make this particular occasion a fun-filled and unforgettable party. Among the specific maid of honor duties for bachelorette party to do are inviting friends, giving surprises, making a program and hosting the event. It means that you are the in-charge of the party and all parts of it must be from your ideas alone with suggestions and help from other people of course. Just make sure the bride is not going to do anything so she will be surprised and humbled to see how her party goes.

The Rehearsal Dinner

There are also other maid of honor duties that must be accomplished. You do not have to cook here or make an event’s program. You simply attend to the event, dress up in a cocktail dress and welcome guests. Those are some of the tasks you are going to make during the rehearsal dinner.

The Wedding Ceremony

The most important day where you have to really do all the expected wedding duties is during the wedding ceremony. There are lots of duties to name for this particular event such as holding the bouquet of the bride when she needs to light the candle, placing the veil and cord onto the bride, witnessing the entire ceremony and signing the marriage license.

The Reception and Post Wedding Party

Your duties do not stop after the ceremony. There are also wedding duties that await you during the reception party. One of them is to give you own wedding speech. This is an important task you have to make so ensure to prepare for it.

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