There are numerous kinds of bridal shower theme to pick from. Hosting the bridal shower party is one of the assignments a maid of honor has to do. She is the mastermind of how the party goes. If you are chosen to be the maid of honor, then your job is to choose a good bridal shower theme.

Bridal shower is basically a bachelorette party where the bride and her friends as well as female relatives, including her mother, gather together to have fun and enjoy every moment of the occasion. That being said, you must ensure that each guest especially the bride is going to have a blast. It must be the best bridal shower party they all are not going to forget.

Choosing a bridal shower theme is not that stressful. You just have to select among the best bridal shower themes that can reflect the personality, style and character of the bride. If she is very talented in music, you can make up a musical themed bridal shower. If she is fond of pets, you may set up a zoo or safari theme. To give you more help, here are some of the best bridal shower themes and ideas.

Pajama or Slumber Party

Among the traditional types of bridal shower theme is the pajama party. Known as slumber party, all girls invited by the bride and the maid of honor can have fun spending the entire night together doing girly stuffs. Some of the things you can do are designing nails, styling hair, putting on some make ups, hiring a home service masseuse and eating some delicious midnight snacks. Of course, you must wear your pajamas and to make the evening exciting, have a vote of who has the best pajama. This is an all-girl party so never invite a man so if you plan to have some spa and massage, ensure to hire a female therapist.

Pantry Shower

If the bride is fond of cooking, pantry shower theme is a good choice. It is a great option because it is going to benefit the bride and the groom. This is one of the most unique and fun bridal shower themes you can consider. All expected visitors can certainly think of kitchen appliances and cooking utensils as their gifts. To make this kind of bridal shower party memorable, have a cooking contest and pretend as if you are participants of the famous MasterChef reality show. Let the couple be the judges and you as the host. This is a fun activity your female guests are going to enjoy.

Spa and Massage Shower

Perhaps, all of your invited guests including the bride are going to scream for joy if the bachelorette party takes place in one of the famous spa centers in town. Among summer bridal shower theme, this is another traditional kind of theme you can choose. Maybe it is time to give your friends some break and provide relaxation through spa and massage. However, this can be very expensive if there are many guests to invite. This is only ideal if there are a few friends and relatives to invite.

Breakfast at Tiffany Shower

One of the most unique bridal shower themes is the breakfast at tiffany shower. From its name, you invite the bride’s closest friends and relatives to come over for a good breakfast decorated in tiffany designs. This is a great choice to consider if the motif or theme of the bride’s wedding is tiffany. Even if it is not, you can still choose this to have a different and one-of-a-kind bachelorette party. Just add some accents to enhance the party such as the inclusion of a small Eiffel Tower or balloons floating on the pool.

Afternoon Tea Party

Taken place at a quiet and beautiful garden, this kind of theme for bridal shower party is a perfect setting if you prefer a formal setup. A tea bridal shower party is one of the common bridal shower theme because it is less expensive. You can decorate the garden in simple designs and ornaments without spending a fortune. A few hours of chitchatting are priceless especially if you are all close to each other.

The 70s Bridal Shower

You can also choose among the category of bridal shower theme and games but in classical costumes such as the 70s. Set up a place where the bride and her guests can dance on the floor, play 70s games which may include roll skating and poker. Make sure that each attendee is going to dress like she is from the 70s.

These are only a few choices of creative bridal shower themes. You may also think of other else that you find it a good idea as long as everybody is going to have fun attending the party.

If you are able to choose one of the most unique and beautiful bridal shower themes, you can do the same with the presentation of a wedding speech. You have to make a good maid of honor speech that can make the bride and her groom feel special and humbled. So, start learning some tips and read samples of maid of honor speeches and toasts.


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