Beach Groomsmen Attire – Etiquette and Dress Code for Men

Men have a few great and stylish choices of beach groomsmen attire. The thought of attending a wedding at a beach indicates there is flexibility of dresses for men. You can go for something formal, semi-formal, or casual. The truth is that any kind of groomsmen dress works at a beach wedding. There is definitely fun and excitement in searching for the right kind of groomsmen attire for beach wedding. Here is a list of dress code and etiquette that you must know to give you a guide in discovering the best style and most suitable beach groomsmen attire.The Mix and Match

Beach groomsmen attire has to be equally paired with the dresses of the bridesmaids. There must be a little uniformity in terms of style and color, most especially. They need to make a good blend when they are paired up with maid of honor and bridesmaids. If the bridesmaids are going to wear casual dresses, the groomsmen must wear the same kind and not formal or semi-formal. If the color of the dresses of the bridesmaids is purely navy blue, which is based on the wedding theme, the attire of the groomsmen must be also designed in the same shade. In case the motif consists of two colors, the groomsmen attire can have the first color, while the bridesmaid dresses has the other color. It is also possible to mix and use both colors on the dresses of the bridesmaids and their partners, groomsmen. That’s how you can mix and match the attire of groomsmen with the bridesmaids’ dresses.

The Tropical Color

If the wedding takes place at a beach, the color scheme is obviously tropical. It is also possible to go for neutral and pastel color but generally the motif has to be beach related. So, the suggested colors of attire must be light blue, navy blue, ocean blue, tropical breeze, sunshine yellow, valencia orange, mango beach, amazon green, key lime, parrot green, sunset red, bird of paradise, hisbiscus, macaw teal or macademia nut. These are all tropical colors which are good hues to select for beach groomsmen attire. Any of the colors can be matched with white pants or shorts, or khaki pants or shorts.

The Fabric

There are also specific materials for the dresses of men for a beach wedding celebration. Heavy fabric is definitely not a good and convenient choice. Whether it is in the middle of the summer season or the beginning of spring, a light fabric of men’s dress is the perfect choice. With that said, choose material of beach groomsmen attire from the following: cotton or polyester for casual and seersucker for a more formal one. Semi-formal suits can be a good option if the beach wedding happens at night. The weather at night time at a beach location is breezy and windy so a coat may be helpful. If so, select a seersucker-made groomsmen suit then.

The Top and the Bottom

Let’s be more specific on the kind of top and bottom the groomsmen have to wear. The top part can be casual as the guayabera shirt as this is made from a light and soft fabric. You can also opt for the common Hawaiian shirt. For a semi-formal one, it can be a simple long sleeved shirt with collar and optional tie. Formal attire must refer to coat so tuxedo with undershirt and tie is a more recommended choice. The infamous vest with undershirt and bow is for casual, semi-formal and formal wear.

Remember that beach groomsmen attire must be completed with the bottom. Men’s attire for wedding can have shorts if the location is at the beach whether the choice of dress code is casual or not. So, you can have the standard trouser that is also designed from a light fabric or beach shorts. The khaki long pants are also a favorite option which you may consider.

The ShoesImage Source : pescatello

Do not forget to consider whether there are shoes to wear or nothing at all. During the marriage ceremony, groomsmen and bridesmaid can possible go barefoot if the bride and the groom have chosen to tie the knot without any shoes at all. If not, then the shoes have to be sandal or flip flop regardless of the selected beach groomsmen attire. Either way, it makes you feel convenient walking and stepping in the sandy area of the beach. Nowadays, the wearing of shoes like rubber shoes and even leather shoes is becoming common. That’s because the reception can take place in an semi enclosed hut or resort nearby. It is out of the ordinary if the groomsmen have to party without any shoes at all. You must also consider this matter depending on the location of the reception.

The Accessories

Like other wedding attire, there are accessories and adornments to include which complete the attire of groomsmen at the beach. If the attire is casual, the most likely preferred accessories are wreaths like those in Hawaii wreath called Lei. If the beach groomsmen attire is semi-formal or formal, boutonnieres are the most suitable option. The wearing of cufflinks is also possible if the men are in their full length suit.

The Stores

Beach groomsmen attire are not difficult to find as you can purchase them anywhere. There are local stores that exclusively offer groomsmen dresses from beach to church style. There are also online shopping sites that let you browse numerous choices from different brands. The point here is that it won’t take you a long time to search for the place where you can buy the dresses for groomsmen. It is very common nowadays to wear beach wedding attire for men so the demand is quite high. Just remember to select a good store that has been running for a long time with positive feedback from customers. That can assure you the quality of fabric and design meets your needs. You do not want to spend money for a one-time only dress that is not made from a great material or not created to look really gorgeous.The guideline listed above is your best manual in choosing and finding the right dress for groomsmen. You must be both idealistic and realistic upon your search. It all starts with having your own personal preference that can lead you to see the choices to make and from there you can decide. That’s how selecting beach groomsmen attire works. It must be prepared and organized to have the best result. Otherwise, it will be too difficult to choose if you do not have any thing in mind in regards to the specifics. Remember that there is a particular code as well as etiquette in choosing a groomsmen dress. You need to always keep in mind the criteria or specifications which are learned from this page to have the best style of attire for men. Whether you are the groom who has to make the final call for his men or one of the lucky groomsmen, it is essential to follow these suggestions. Take some time to really find and research regarding the most suitable and right beach groomsmen attire to wear.


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