Short Maid Of Honor Speeches – How To Start Writing One

Short maid of honor speeches can also be very memorable. If you have the privilege to be the maid of honor on your best friend’s or sister’s wedding, try to prepare a meaningful and entertaining speech.

Apart from the bride and groom the maid of honor is often the one who handles the most number of tasks. She’s the one who is expected to help the bride with all the preparations – from being the bride’s constant companion on her fittings, cake tasting, and food tasting appointments- to being her personal assistant on the actual wedding day.

Do you feel that you are running out of time to write your speech? If yes, take a moment to relax and consider these tips:

Speak from your heart. It will be easier for you to compose your speech if you listen to what your heart says. I am sure you are thrilled that your best friend or sister is finally tying the knot with someone she loves. This is your chance to tell her that you share with her happiness.

Share a funny story. If it’s your sister getting married, then no doubt you have spent lot of time together. If it’s your best friend, then certainly, you have your bonding moments as well. Share a few of those funny and precious moments that you both enjoyed.

Thank the couple. Thank the bride and groom for choosing you to be a part of their wedding. Let them know that you are grateful to be their maid of honor.

Make a wish. End your speech with your personal wishes for the bride and for the couple.
Bring a note. Be sure to write down an outline of your speech to make sure that you won’t forget what to say.

Gather ideas. You should get ideas from a few short maid of honor wedding speeches from a reliable website. Well-written speech samples will fill you in with lots of ideas and will give you the right words to use. It will surely save you lots of time and effort.  Few quality speech samples should be enough to inspire you.

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