Groom Toasts – Here’s To The Bride

Speaking in general terms, a toast is a light, casual component of any social occasion; groom toasts, on the other hand, are substantial, serious oratories that require careful planning and serious consideration.

Sure, you want to celebrate your wedding day with quips, kind words, and a good spirit.  You want to convey a mood of celebration, and to lace your toast with a good number of jokes and colorful anecdotes.  Never allow your groom toastto evolve into an overlong, overly formal speech that puts your audience to sleep.

At the same time you must remember that the words you say on your wedding day will be remembered for a long time, and by everyone present; especially your bride.  Your toast will be your one opportunity to express your truest, deepest feelings for your new wife and your combined family.  You therefore must speak in a way that is wise, articulate, and above all inspirational.

In planning your groom toast, be sure to draw your words straight from your heart; conveying the emotions of love that fill your heart on this, the day of your wedding.  Praise your new wife to high heaven, extolling her many virtues and positive qualities.  Drink to her wit, her wisdom, her beauty, her success; and encourage everyone present to raise their glasses to that wonderful woman you married.

Also take a moment to toast the various and individual members of your combined family: your parents, the bride’s parents, your grandparents, your siblings, your wedding attendants, your friends.  Raise your glass to the people who gathered to honor you on your special day.

By its very nature, a toast is short and succinct; so make sure you choose your words carefully.  Say only what you need to say, ensuring that every word packs punch.  See your groom toast as a rare opportunity to deliver a brief but flawless wedding oratory; one that your bride, and your guests, will remember for years to come.

Ready to give up the cause?:)   Before you surrender all efforts to craft the perfect wedding toast, take the time to consult a site that knows a thing or two about groom toasts.  This priceless Internet resource offers a wide variety of both polished, professional speech samples and some truly helpful tips and suggestions that will help you get the job done. click here for more details.


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