Father Of The Bride Duties – Major Tasks A Father Must Accomplish For His Daughter’s Wedding

Father of the bride duties can be very challenging yet exciting and honorable thing to do. They are actually small ways on how you show your support for the wedding of your daughter. They also symbolize your love and encouragement to her as she moves forward to a new stage of her life. All throughout her single life, she was guided and protected by the persons she cared about the most and that include you. No matter what, she is still going to be your sweet baby girl. Take note that this is not the last time you are going to do certain tasks as a father to your daughter. For as long as she lives, you are going to stand up as her father who is her protector, adviser, friend and loving dad.

What are the father of the bride wedding duties that you must know and do? Here is the list of father of the bride duties and responsibilities that are expected to be accomplished. They are actually tasks that are done before and during the wedding.

Funds the Expenses of the Event

The biggest task of a father of the bride is to spend his own money for the wedding event of his daughter. He has no choice but to spend all or most of the expenses of the occasion. If none of your daughters have yet been married, you should have prepared before for it. So, when one of them is getting married, you have something to use. This can give you fewer worries after all.

Hosts the Engagement Party and Rehearsal Dinner

Being a host is also one of the father of the bride wedding duties you expect to do. You can host the event where the couple is going to pronounce their engagement and wedding. However, just remember that you do not have the right position to tell the magic words. You host the event but let your daughter and her fiancé to utter the words about their engagement. During the rehearsal dinner, you have the entire floor by yourself. This is your chance to talk a few things about the couple particularly some important information about your daughter. At this point, you are just giving stories and making informal conversations. Your wedding speech must be presented during the reception of the wedding day.

Assist the Couple in Choosing Wedding Venues

Another duty you have to make is to assist the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be in looking for the right location for the event. You can give suggestions and go out to visit how beautiful the places are. If you do this, ensure that you give a few of the best places that the couple may like to consider. The locations you are going to recommend must be appropriate to their wedding theme, their interests and within your budget.

Help in Making a Wedding Plan

You also have the right position to help in creating a plan for the wedding occasion. Whether you stay quiet or not, your daughter is going to ask you for some suggestions. The fact that you have experienced marrying can give reliance to your daughter to seek advice and tips from you. This is probably one of the easiest father of the bride wedding duties because at the end of this the couple is the last person to decide on what they want to do with their wedding.

Picks Up Relatives and Friends of the Bride

You may be also expected to pick up family relatives who are from outside your town. It can be their first time to visit your place so they need your guide. Even if not as a way to welcome them, you have to fetch them at the airport, port or anywhere to meet them.

Gives the Best Father of the Bride Speech

Remember that in all father of the bride wedding duties etiquette is a key factor. This is mostly applied when you give out your wedding speech. You have to give the right words, correct gestures and proper format. Your wedding speech has to leave an unforgettable mark to the hearts of the couple especially your daughter. This is your time to highlight your love and support to the newlyweds as other people are listening to those sweet and encouraging words.

Make a Lovely and Warm Toast

The last thing you have to do is to offer a toast as a way to congratulate the couple. This is usually done after you give your speech or right before you end your wedding speech.

Remember to fulfill all these father of bride duties. You have an influence to the wedding of the couple from the preparation to the reception. It is a must that you support it in one way or another.

Among the father of the bride duties that you must importantly take is to present a wedding speech. Your speech must be very presentable and memorable. With that said, you read some samples of father of the bride toasts and a few helpful tips that may help you write a very touching speech.


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