Best Man Checklist – The Fun And Challenging Duties Of A Best Man

Your have just been recently asked to become the best man of the groom. You congratulate him for finally at the peak of his adulthood. Do not forget to congratulate yourself also for being chosen as the groom’s assistant. Among his friends, colleagues, cousins and other brothers, you are the one he selected. He probably trust you for all the years you’ve been through so now he’s confident enough to rely on you for any help and assistance he needs for his own wedding. That means you should feel privileged, honored and happy to accept that role. Speaking of, let’s talk about the different duties and responsibilities of a best man. You need to know those things in order to become a successful best man. Other than that, it enables you to organize things well, which make your role easier and a lot more fun to do.

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Best man responsibilities are not easy as all of the tasks that must be accomplished correspond to stresses and hassles. Some responsibilities of a best man are the same as the duties of the groom. That means they are things that have to be executed by both the groom and his best man. Others are independent duties which only the best man has to do for the sake of the groom and the bride. So, what should be on the checklist of a best man?

The Bachelor Party

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Organizing the groom’s bachelor party is one of the biggest responsibilities. It is also among the best man checklist because it consists of many things to consider. You have to choose a location, activities to do, foods to serve, etc. As the groom is busy with other things, it’s best to surprise him with the fun he’s actually anticipating. Yes, he would be expecting that to happen and to be crazy fun. Yet, do not just think about getting drunk all night. It’s important that you choose an exciting but decent kind of bachelor party. You are responsible to what would happen to him so make sure that you think of this through.

The Transportation

It is the groom’s responsibility to make sure all the transportations needed are set. He can choose the provider, kind of car, etc. Yet, he does not only do this alone by himself. For some cases, the groom needs the best man and this is one of the things you need to expect. You may be the one he is going to make an appointment and payment after he has made the final choice. Other than hiring cars with drivers, there is also a possibility that he’s going to ask you to fetch somebody or several people from the airport. You must be available for a favor like that especially if he is too busy to attend other things.

The Attire

The best man is also anticipated to help the groom choose his wedding attire and their suits as groomsmen. He does not only provide the personal style he needs but also for the best interest of the groom and the groomsmen. The attire for men has to be worked with one another. The groom will usually get opinions and requests from his men before he can proceed.

The Decorations

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The women may have the most daunting tasks to do when it comes to decorations and flowers. However, men should not be just sitting down and relaxing. They also need to help them and be helpful in every possible way. As the best man, you are actually expected to be one of the most initiative and cooperative. This means that you do not only do what is told to you by the groom or his bride. You must learn how to volunteer yourself especially if you have the time, the skill, the interest and the care to help with the decorations. In fact, when the couple prefer having custom-made or personalized things, you must be there to help them.

The Groomsmen’s Responsibilities

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The best man also has to coordinate with the groomsmen in all activities. He is the leader among the groomsmen so if there is a task provided by the groom that he can’t do alone, he can ask with the help of those other men. In addition, he must see to it that each groomsman does his own responsibility as well. Anything assigned to them must be checked by the best man so the groom won’t add that to his own checklist. One example is during the day of the wedding wherein the best man has to check if each and every groomsman has dressed up and read for the wedding.

The Usher’s Duties

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The best man should assist the ushers as well. He usually ushers in the rehearsal dinner and before the groom walks down the aisle for his wedding ceremony. This should be listed on your best man checklist so you won’t just be standing and looking so bossy all throughout those parties. Some of the things to check are simple anyway such as telling the ushers what they need to do when the wedding is about to begin and making sure that they totally understand the assigned tasks for them.

The Wedding Day

Another big duty of a best man is to be a witness to the wedding day itself. Generally, one of the witnesses that should be in the venue of the wedding is the best man. He stands next right to the groom as soon as before he gets the hand of his lovely bride. The most important is that your signature must be on the bride and the groom’s marriage certificate. Part of your role during the wedding day is to hold the ring of the bride. You take care of that right before the groom give it to the finger of his bride.

The Finances

The role of a best man does not only require physical strengths and mental capabilities. It also involves the finances. Sometimes, you have to help out the groom with the budget especially if you are the person in charge to do something. There may be an emergency that he needs you do to but without any pennies he gives then the only thing you can do is to shell out your own resources. There are occasions like that which you may consider so prepare your money and credit card as well. Not to mention, the bachelor party is usually sponsored by the best man himself.

The Speech and Toast

Another duty that you should not forget to write on your checklist is the wedding speech and toast. It is called the best man speech in which you express your support in words as well as wishes and blessings to the couple as newlyweds. In most occasions, the best man gives his toast first. You must create a good, humorous and unforgettable speech. Although the concentration of your speech is more on the couple, as a close friend, or maybe a brother, to the groom, give him the credit.

This is what your list is going to be like. A best man is not just a name that is written on the wedding invitation card. It is not even called as it is to make you famous among the family and friends of the couple. It is how you portray yourself as part of the so-called closest people in their lives. While they both consider you as a dear friend, it is important that you regard them the same. That’s how you are going to base all the time, energy and resources that you need to put in accomplishing all your duties and responsibilities as the best man. If you put your heart to it, there is nothing you would complain about or make you tired. It’s going to be a fun role you have to take.


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