Mother of the Groom Hairstyles – Picking the Stylish

Mother of the Groom Hairstyle

Are you looking for some ideas of mother of the groom hairstyles? Do not look any further because the answers you are trying to find are listed below.

A wedding event is always a special day to everyone not only for the couple who is getting married but also parents especially the mothers. For them, this is also a very memorable occasion so they try their best to look good from head to toe. If you are a mother of the groom, you surely agree with that. Making yourself beautiful and elegant second to the bride is not a bad goal to achieve at all. You also need to draw some attention by having an elegant wedding dress, eye-catching shoes and, of course, a stylish hairdo.

Find Sources of Hairstyle Ideas

The first thing you have to do is to look for ideas of wedding hairstyles for mother of the groom. There are several hairstyles a mother can choose from whether you have short or long hair. It does not even matter if you have straight blonde, curly black hair or redhead. What you need to focus is finding the perfect hairstyle that suits your interest and matches your wedding dress.

Start by looking at some magazines of hair. You can scan pages of bridal or hair magazines. There are some do-it-yourself hairstyles which you can make by yourself and perhaps with assistance from someone. Others can be very technical that only hair experts can do. Mother of the groom hairstyles are not really that difficult to identify because most of the styles for women’s hair can be adopted.

If magazines are not enough, you can also get some images of different hairstyles for mother of the groom on the Internet. Just browse through the search engines and find for pictures of hairstyles that you can select from. Some are easy to do so try to search for sites that have descriptions on how to make such certain hairdos.

Get to Know the Different Styles of Hair

When searching via online or through the pages of magazines, you are actually given the chance to learn the different hairstyles. There are styles for short hair, long hair and curly hair. Straight haired mothers can opt to have theirs curled. Wavy ones may select to straighten their hair. It is also an option to change the color or length, or probably both, of the hair. These are certain things you must consider as well when trying to find a good hairstyle for the wedding of your son.

To give you a glimpse, here are some of the famous mother of the groom hairstyles.

Down do is a great style for long haired mother of the groom. If you want a little bit touch on your straight, shiny hair, whether blond or not, you can try this kind of style.

Sedu hairstyle is also a common style for a wedding event. If your hair is long and perfectly straight, you can just have it literally put down without making any curls. Just add some beads, flowers or anything that you can attach to make it more glorious and unique.

A hairstyle that is quite more elegant than those two mentioned previously is the chignon. This is a classy type of hairstyle that you can choose. You may have your hair pulled up right in the middle at the back of your head to make a bun or swing it on the side for a more unique taste. Make sure to design it with a real fresh flower on the side of your left or right ear for a perfect picture.

Another sassy type of hairstyle that you can consider is romantic or wavy curls. This is a great choice for both straight and curly hair. You can have a loose curly hair or romantic curls. Make sure that you have a long hair if you decide to have this kind of hairstyle.

These are only a few choices of mother of the groom hairstyles to pick. The rest can be learned from your local hairstylist, friends or colleagues. Just make sure that you choose a great hairstyle that can surely give you a different aura but still reflect your personality.

For a mother of the groom fashion is an important priority which is sometimes given more importance than anything else. Of course, you complete your getup with one of the finest and most attractive mother of the groom dresses.

Make sure that the hairstyle you pick must match your wedding dress. So that when you give your mother of the groom speech, you can have the confidence to stand and present your loving words for the couple. To help you with your speech, click Mother of the Groom Speech to get insights, writing tips and samples of mother of the groom speeches.


  1. The good memories that happened during my son’s wedding were still flashing back to my mind. When they crossed my mind, I couldn’t help myself but smile. Many ladies and gentlemen were competing to be the second best dresser by means of their attire and hairstyles that night. Of course, as the mother of the celebrants (the bride and the groom) I should not be on the least of the top. This site gave me an idea of what hairstyle to get that suit my lifestyle, appearance and wedding dress. I spent some hours trying all the hairstyles suggested here but I came up with a nice and elegant, the chignon hairstyle. It made me look glamorous at that big night. A few people thought I was a sister of the groom. And I was like, wow, really?! I felt good, who wouldn’t be?

  2. Some mothers in wedding events are not contended of a simple style from dresses to shoes and even hairstyles! I know that because I was worrying about my hairdo for my son’s wedding. The hairstyle that I initially picked was not very impressive. I knew many of the guests would expect to see me to look very beautiful. So, I changed my mind and looked for ideas on the web. I got a very unique, Hollywood-like hairstyle from this page. I felt more comfortable with that hairstyle and satisfied. At the end of the special occasion, a lot of individuals that night made some great remarks and compliments about how I looked especially my hairstyle.

  3. It’s very hard to find out what hairstyle is suitable to a mother of the groom like me. The wedding of my son made me very busy, but even though I felt more stressful figuring out my hairdo for the special day. Despite my joy and excitement for that big event, choosing the right hairstyle was my biggest problem. I looked on magazines from pages to pages and some ideas from the net. In addition upon reading this I easily had a brilliant idea of what my hair would look like for my son’s wedding. I chose chignon but had to perm all my hair down first before putting to that style. My daughters are the new daughter-in-law didn’t recognize me because I was too way beautiful. I know what they’ve said was exaggerating and way over the top but I got exactly their point was. So, I’m satisfied.

  4. Some of us (mothers of groom) don’t have enough knowledge about hairstyle for various occasions. I am a type of person who wouldn’t care about styles of hair but the cut. I just learned and realized the importance of a good hairstyle when I attended a wedding last year. I didn’t think that one lady was the mother of the bride. Then I remembered my son was engaged at that time so I thought about having a good hair for his wedding. That led me to prepare in advance that’s why I was able to research and find ideas. I entirely used the net to help me to look for different hairstyles and see which one would be the best for my hair. I found so many hairstyles that gave me a hard time choosing. At the end of the day, I finally choose romantic curls to emphasize my natural red hair. Many people loved it.

  5. What can I say about my hairstyle that day? Well I was very satisfied with my hairstyle during the big wedding day of my son. I remember many ladies looked great but I was one of those few who stood out in terms of hairstyles. It was so hard to choose a good hairstyle. Some people told me to go for curls and others suggested that I should let my hair down. I thought the same things and that was I was having difficulty with so I felt helpless. I took one magazine about hairstyles to find a perfect one for me. I was not satisfied until I decided to browse some on the net. I was only supposed to find photos but this page caught my attention. It’s where I learned the sedu style for hair.

  6. Aside from dresses, hairstyle is very important in a wedding event. And as a mother of the groom I should consider that. My chosen hairstyle was simple but made me look very beautiful. I was happy about the style I picked but I couldn’t pick any better if I had no guide from this post. I was thinking of going to the salon and find tips from hairdressers but I realized that could take some of my time so I just decided to browse on the net. I was able to pick some good ideas because of the assistance of this website on what I should do. I got the hairstyle that I needed so thank you for sharing this.

  7. Who would want to experience a bad hair day? Not in a wedding of your own child! That was in my head for a long time before the wedding arrived. I totally forgot it because I was busy doing some personal stuffs and helping out with the preparation of my son’s wedding. I was even charged to look after the bouquets and flowers for decoration. But I was lucky to get some tips from here. Thanks to my sister who recommended this and I was able to get an idea of what my hair would be like. I might just have pulled a simple hairdo if I didn’t read this.

  8. I was personally picked out to style the hair of my mother and my other sisters. The groom, my brother, thought it’s going to be a great idea if he’d choose me to be their hairdresser. He thought I was the best in terms of styling hair among the family. The truth is that he wanted to save money and wouldn’t hire a professional. Because I love him and the wedding was very important, I did not complain but I said to myself that he must not blame me in case I gave the most unpleasant hairstyles of their wedding. I did my own research from magazines to the Internet. The first thing I got was this article which I thought was pretty cool. It fit perfectly to the hair of our mother as well as to my two sisters. I picked one for each of them based on the suggestion here. I didn’t have to spend more days looking for hairstyle ideas. I got them all here!


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