Best Man Toasts – Here’s To The Groom

Best man toasts are an integral part of any wedding; more important, these brief but meaningful oratories are highly personal expressions of a best friend’s love.

When your friend selected you to be his best man, he was expressing his trust, confidence and fraternal love for you.  You can return the favor by crafting the ideal best man toast; one you can deliver as a beautiful, personal gift on the most important day of his life.

In planning toasts, the first step is to decide exactly what you want to say.  You want to let your friend know how valuable he is to you, as a friend, confidante and brother of the heart.

You can accomplish this aim in a variety of ways.  You can, for example, share anecdotes that recall the fun times of your youth; and that relate to others the special bond that exists between the two of you.
You can sing your friend’s praises, honoring his intelligence, his wit, his kindness, his success; reassure the bride that she made a great choice when she married your friend.  Reassure his parents and family that they raised a worthy individual.  Reassure yourself that your toast will truly honor your friend, adding even more meaning to his big day.

At the same time, keep in mind that a wedding toast—unlike a full-fledged speech—is meant to be brief, funny and concise.  You have to say a lot in a few words; after all, you are separating people from their opportunity to drink some prime wedding champagne.:)  And, as the best man often is seen as the ‘court jester’ of the wedding party, you want to keep them laughing as you enlighten and inspire them.

For such a short and supposedly light oratory, the best man toast is among the most challenging oratories to write.  You have to deliver an important message in just a few minutes, without putting the audience to sleep in the process.  Yet thankfully, help is available.

You can do your best friend proud with your awesome best man toast.  A helpful Internet website can help you craft the ultimate best man toasts; providing polished, professional speech samples as well as a great selection of wedding toasts, quotations, hilarious one-liners and other useful advice that will guide your way, producing a toast that truly captures the essence of the occasion.  click here for more details.


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