Easy Writing Guide for Groom Speeches

You can make awesome groom speeches just as long as you follow some professional tips and guides to help you. If you think that writing speeches is difficult, don’t worry. It is difficult but it can be done if you are willing and you have a positive attitude. Just be a little creative and follow the steps that I will discuss in this article.

Like you, I was also tasked to write my own groom speeches. It stressed me out because even though my wedding was still months ahead. Good thing I have the Internet. I searched for some writing tips and tricks to help guide me on writing my very first groom’s speeches and toasts.

Just follow the following tips.

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1. Use rough drafts when writing your speeches. Rough drafts are not final products. It is merely a first layout of your toast. For the draft, you can free write all you want until you are finished. Don’t worry about grammar and spelling at first, you will edit it heavily later for greater effect.

2. Keep your speech or toast short and simple. Use short sentences and fill your paragraphs with 3 to 5 short sentences. This will make your toast more casual and conversational. It is better to make it casual so that it is easier for you to write it, and it is easier for your audience to identify with and understand.

3. In line with keeping your toast short and simple, avoid using fancy words when writing. This is a good advice to writing not just speeches and toasts. Nobody will appreciate people that use fancy words that can only be found in a dictionary and thesaurus. Just make it simple and your audience will be able to understand every word you utter.

4. Use descriptive language on your speech and toasts. Show, don’t tell is the key here. This means that you have to use similes, metaphors, and imagery in your toast. The more descriptive your toast, the more you engage the imagination of your audience.

5. Write the first part of your toast by introducing yourself. Remember, that not everyone in the wedding knows who you are and what you mean to the bride and groom. For the middle part of your speech, you can tell short anecdotes and inspirational stories about the bride and groom. You can tell the audience how the newlyweds touched other people’s lives and how they changed for the better when they were together. Lastly, congratulate the bride and groom for reaching a new milestone in their relationship.

Just follow the guide above and you will be on your way to writing your very own groom’s speeches and toasts. If you need any more professional writing tips and tricks, then had on over to groom’s wedding speech and toast site


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