Father of the Groom Rehearsal Dinner Speech – Tips to Remember

father of the groom rehearsal dinner speech

The father of the groom rehearsal dinner speech is heard at least a week before a wedding. This is the time when all the members of the entourage rehearse their walks and roles for the occasion.

The final rehearsal day will be concluded by having a small gathering with the bride and the groom’s families. In a traditional arrangement, the groom’s family hosts the rehearsal dinner. As the head of the family, you are expected to open the dinner with a toast.

The father of the groom rehearsal dinner speech is a great way to build up your confidence for the actual speech on the day of the wedding. It enables you to get the feel of speaking in front of an audience, although there is more likely to be a bigger audience on the wedding day.

So, how do you open a wedding rehearsal dinner with a toast? Here are some tips:

Welcome the two families- Usually, the rehearsal gathering becomes a family reunion when even those who live far fly in to attend the wedding. It is also the time where the two families get to mingle with each other. Don’t forget to thank the bride’s family for sharing the dinner with you.

Acknowledge friends- Some of the families’ closest friends will be there as part of the entourage or to help. Be sure to welcome and thank them for their support as well. Let them know that their efforts are appreciated by both parties.

Highlight the happiness of the occasion- You may say that on behalf of your family, you are delighted that your son is finally getting married to a wonderful woman.

Make it short- It has been a long day and people are ready to eat so you don’t want to delay everyone with a very long speech. A two to three-minute speech should be enough as opening dinner toast. Save your more personal message and stories for your father of the groom speech on the wedding day.

Raise your glass- After welcoming everyone, raise your glass and propose a toast for the success of the wedding celebration and for the couple’s lasting happiness.

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  1. I never really thought about doing a rehearsal on wedding speeches but after reading this article, I think it makes a lot of sense. Rehearsing a speech a week before the actual wedding day will give all the speakers a chance to hear what the other speakers has to say and it also helps build up their confidence. I agree that it has to be short though. I think the most touching parts of the speech should be saved on the actual day of the wedding. There should still be a few surprise lines that everyone hasn’t heard during the rehearsal dinner.

  2. I think this is a great article! Having a rehearsal dinner is a great idea. My son is tying the knot a few months from now and as a father of the groom, I’m really glad I came across this post. I’m going to suggest having a rehearsal dinner where everyone can practice their speeches.I’ve been preparing my speech for some time now but I think saying it out loud in front of an audience before the wedding day will help calm the nerves. Of course, I’m not going to say everything during the rehearsal, just a few lines to keep the element of surprise.

  3. I enjoyed reading this article. I think it’s very important to do rehearsals before the wedding day so everyone, especially the members of the entourage can be aware of their roles, how to do the walks, and when it’s their turn to give a speech. It’s such a nice thing to witness a wedding that’s well organized. This is also the perfect time for the speakers to practice the speeches they prepared. Of course, it is the father of the groom who begins the rehearsal dinner with a speech to welcome everyone and I agree that he should keep it short and sweet.

  4. Thank you for Sharing your Wedding Pictures with us. LOL one of Erich’s big sisters got maerird. We all want to Congratulate you both. Our Best Wishes come from way within your Hearts for you both. Be each others Best friends, partners and lovers. Love each other until the day after Forever We All sent you Love and Best Wishes for Every & Always the Dittmann Family


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