Father of the Bride Speeches – Simple Tips

You can easily make father of the bride speeches if you follow the simple tips I will write in this article. I also followed some of the tips I used during my speech writing and I made a good speech at the wedding of my daughter. If you can follow some of the guides here, I guarantee that you can make a good speech as well. I also advise you to seek professional help if you can. It’s really not that easy to write toasts and speeches.

It was also very headache inducing for me at first to learn that I have to make a father of the bride speeches during my daughter’s wedding. But I don’t want to fail or embarrass my daughter. That is why I scoured the Internet for tips and tricks about speech writing. Here are some of the best tips I found online.

Use plain EnglishWhen writing a speech or toast, write in conversational English. Just use everyday words as opposed to using hundred dollar words from a thesaurus. using simple words will ensure that you will cater to an audience of all ages and educational level. Not only that, using simple words will also make your speech sound casual and fun rather than sounding like a strict sermon.

Use short sentences

When writing conversational, everyday English, use short sentences when populating your paragraphs. Just use about 4 to 5 sentences for a paragraph to make it coherent and for the sake of brevity as well. Shorter sentences and paragraphs will enable your speech delivery to be much more succinct for the any kind of audience you will have.

Use sentences will also allow you to memorize your speech better and faster.

Make up a single theme

Come up with a single theme, topic, or thesis statement for your speech. For example, you can have a thesis statement about marriage being fun and rewarding but full of responsibilities. That is all you need to do for a topic, then you just need to stick to this one topic to make it easier for you to construct the whole speech.

Remember that you can’t cover every aspect of married life, so it’s better to just stick to a single over-encompassing topic rather than be all over the place.

Use powerful imagery in your speech

Use colorful and descriptive words when writing your toast or speech. Be as creative as you can. Follow the “show, don’t tell” policy in creative writing in your speech. This will engage your listening audience better than just stating some obvious fact or anecdote.

Professional help

You can search the web for professional speech writing guides and tips. You can find sample father of the bride speeches online to make as a pattern to your own writing. If you need some more professional writing tips and samples click here.


  1. Like in a basketball game, it’s a lucky shot! That’s how I compare the outcome of my speech. Many people were surprised including my wife for sharing a very good and maybe for them a sensible wedding speech. I used to make fun and always add jokes but this time I didn’t let them hear of my nonsense comical side. I wished I still gave a little bit humor but for once I wanted my daughter and her husband to feel that I was serious in supporting their relationship and marriage. Well, I’ve always been but I knew the wanted to hear that saying my full support in front of their loved ones and friends. Believe it or not it was a challenge for me because like I’ve said I used to joke. Drama is the last thing in my mind. There were emotions poured when I gave my speech because of the guide brought by this article of this very site.

  2. What I like the most of this writing guide is that clarity of the explanations. They are not detailed as learning ABC or 123 but words used were simple. That made it very easy to understand. Anyone could learn from it within a few minutes of reading it. After figuring out what I should make, I began writing down words of what to say on my speech. It’s my daughter’s wedding and I wanted her to be proud of me for the last time before she start her own family. That’s my only ultimate goal with this wedding speech. I couldn’t be happier than the time she came to me after my speech and gave me the sweetest hug in front of her friends and all of her family. Such a sweet, memorable event!

  3. There are a few fathers whom I know that tell me that as long as you know how to speak in front of many people, without any tips and advice, you can make a father of the bride speech. For me, I think otherwise. I needed a helpful advice and tips about how to create a father of the bride speech. I knew this one because I did my own father of the bride speech like three years ago. I trusted what my friends told me to be just by myself and have the confidence. Yet, I struggled and took me like 10 mins. When I read a lot of articles and readings, I learned that what most of the things they told me were totally different. Glad that I made a wonderful and memorable father of the bride speech. Without the tips I’ve read here I didn’t think I would have done good to make my daughter feel loved and special during that best moment of her life.

  4. A memorable father of the bride speech should be engaging the relationship between a father and a daughter. The tips you’ve given here stored in my brain during the time I made my first father of the bride speech and also the first wedding speech ever. But even if there’s a help, I still doubted some things here and there. As I continued, many emotions run through my skin but at the end of the day I was very thankful on the outcome of my speech. Thankful enough that I was a part of giving wonderful memories to that most special day of my daughter’s life. Until now I still remember those feelings – the tears, the laughter, the love I’ve shared and all the good experiences together with my family and friends. Some funny jokes were a big factor that made the guests entertained. I’m very glad that there are tips likes this in making father of the bride speech.

  5. Complimenting my daughter to her wedding day was my biggest achievement from doing this wedding speech. That was the most amazing duty that I ever made throughout her wedding. It was a bit challenging but considering these tips and facts I’ve learned from this page made it less difficult. They were really helpful for me personally.

  6. Wedding is one of the most memorable events in the life of every person. Being married for 33 years, I knew that feeling. It was the best feeling in the world and I wanted my daughter to feel the same. It must be full of memories and I wanted to be a part of it as her father. I could make that happen through my father of the bride speech. This article was read by accident because I was only looking for some wedding jokes but I found the rest of tips that I needed to know. From what I’ve learned here, I included a few comments to the groom to make him feel welcome. They both felt great as I treated them as my own kids.

  7. Actually, I can relate to some fathers who wrote here regarding making father of the bride speeches. I was one of those dads who had no idea about how to write a good father of the bride speech for their daughter’s wedding. One time I heard a father that he hated this task especially that he has four daughters. He didn’t like making wedding speeches as he stumble or forget what he needed to say. I asked myself about the same thing too. What if I also messed up with the speech during my daughter’s special event? I asked help from my wife and she did the favor fortunately. She told me to know the guideline of writing wedding speeches and let me read the articles here. This was one of my favorite. I read a couple of them but this was the easiest to understand for me. I felt mixed emotions – some things were sad and some things were happy. It was tough avoiding those kinds of feelings but all throughout the process it was a very enjoyable one. And when that night came, I stood up with joy, pride and love and they helped my build my confidence. Everyone laughed and most of them came out with tears from their eyes. I would say it was a successful and very memorable delivery.

  8. This site has the best features of how to make father of the bride speeches. It’s really true that you can make the best father’s wedding speech. I proved it myself the day I stood up during the reception of my 23-year old daughter. It’s her wildest dream to get married since she was 11 and I was one of the few people who knew how much she wanted that. To celebrate her wedding, my speech must be special too. I had the privilege to talk a few things about her and the chance to make her feel proud. The groom also deserved the best words I could utter and let him hear it in front of his family and friends. It was not all about my own thoughts that helped me pulled all out but also the things I’ve learned from reading all the tips and guidelines of this website.

  9. This post has something to do with my experience some weeks ago. Back to the day when my daughter got married was full of love, joy, laughter, tears and heartwarming messages. Those were the things started by the most important people of the bride and the groom which include me as the father of the in delivering our own speeches. All of the speeches had crying factors but overall were wonderful messages. I just remember what my wife told me to before I started my message and that was to relax. I didn’t know how to calm down myself that night but I cared of how to finish my father of the bride speech so I could breathe a sigh of relief. As I talked, I was not aware of how good or bad I was but many of the guests clapped including my daughter and son-in-law who stood up, came to me and hugged me after my speech. I would say those gestures proved I did great. One that helped me was the tips mentioned here. I strictly followed the guideline here when I made my wedding speech.

  10. As a busy and hard working dad, I had no time to make anything at home. If there’s wedding in the family, I had to make a little sacrifice. One of the latest was when father of the bride speech was expected in our daughter’s wedding. The guidelines here were excellent. It’s exactly the type of tips I needed to depend on. With those tips I simply created my father of the bride speech in a way that it’s easy to memorize. How convenient that by just clicking via the net I found great tips of the father of the bride speech. To avoid saying the least, I found them all here.

  11. My daughter Elizabeth and her boyfriend for two years got hitched. They had a baby on the way so the wedding had to happen soon. I canceled all my appointments just to make sure there’s enough time to prepare for it. I was not yet ready in this kind of situation because it was a quick decision they made but what could I do? That was their choice and I’m a father who would be there and do anything for their sake. I wasn’t even ready to give a speech because it was not easy to accept the fact that she’d begin a family on her own. The tips of father of the bride speech and toast given here was kind of a relief to me because I managed to control my emotions and used the right words.

  12. I always remember the moment I shared some words during the wedding of my daughter Miriam. I had plenty of information about my daughter, but choosing the right words was my problem. I couldn’t think how to begin with my speech. Somehow, this particular page had taught me a lot. The very first thing I would like to do through my speech was to impress my daughter on her big day. Secondly, to make the groom really feel welcomed. Thirdly, to make everyone feel comfortable and enjoy my speech. Yes, I wanted to impress everybody during that day. All these tips were very accurate and helpful to me to make my speech better and more interesting. Many clapped and cheered as soon as I offered the toast to finish my speech.

  13. I recommended this site to my husband because he’s been struggling his own wedding speech. He wouldn’t listen to me of what he needed to share but when I forwarded this site via email, although he didn’t admit it, I knew he tried visiting here. I’ve read many articles and tips listed here and the way my husband delivered his speech was not anything different from the contents here. After two days, he confessed scanning and reading a few pages from this website. No matter how denial he was he couldn’t resist getting help anyway and that’s what he did with Best father of the bride speeches.Com

  14. I hate listening to long speeches. More than 3 minutes is already long for me and it makes the wedding celebration boring especially if speakers do not have any hilarity at all. I was fortunate to have attended the last wedding celebration of my friend. Most of the speakers really presented their speeches in a very short time. The father of the bride might be the longest but less than 5 minutes was fine at all. Take note I was one of the guests and I knew what’s it like to hear short or long speeches. Many listeners prefer a short speech.

  15. I visited this page two weeks ago I think. I had to come back to share what I’ve experienced through the help of this website. I was not comfortable standing in front of 50 people during the wedding of our daughter and her fiancé. By the ways she’s the only female child in our family so it was a must for me to give the best speech as much as possible. Unless she’s getting divorced and marry again, I don’t think I look forward to make another father of the bride speech. What I was saying is that the tips provided from this exact page gave me brilliant ideas of what to do and say. It might not be a perfect wedding speech but I’m confident that it was a memorable one.


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